PNW Trip Part 3: Vancouver

The last leg of this journey was Vancouver in British Columbia.

Neither I nor my friend had ever stepped foot in Canada before, so this was bound to be an adventure.

The border we crossed was in the middle of “Peace Arch Historical State Park”  and it was pretty simple, considering we were only staying one night, to cross the border.

Driving through Canada was interesting, it felt a little bit like Europe (probably because we switched back into the metric system). There was plenty of farmland, small village, and confusing street signs. We discovered that a flashing green light at an intersection means that the cars wishing to turn left have the right of way, an opposite to the American green light which enforced a yield for drivers making a left turn.

Once we arrived in Vancouver, it became clear that this was a town of fine dining and shopping. Tourists everywhere raved of chef David Hawksworth’s two restaurants: Hawksworth and Nightingale. Did we try both? Maybe…. but it was SO worth it.

If you ever end up at Nightingale, you have to try the Speatzle- trust me.

We didn’t end up getting a great deal of pictures from shopping around or eating, but the next day (our last full day) we drove around Stanley Park. It was absolutely beautiful! It was a cloudy day, finally, and we were able to enjoy the typical gray weather experienced in this region of the world.

The park was gorgeous! There were tall trees, sea planes, colorful native american totem poles, and a great view of the skyline.

We then drove quickly through Granville island before heading back to Seattle to end our weekend adventure.

We loved Vancouver! (especially because they also had a Ladureé and if you know me, you know my love for their macaroons is real and that as soon as we found out Vancouver was one of their few locations, we basically ran-walked there to get a box of 8, each).

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