Maui: April 2016

Maui, Hawaii is probably my favorite place on this earth. My family loves to vacation here and we have learned to love and appreciate the island and its natural beauty along with the locals. The last trip we all took together was in April 2016. Here are some pictures from that trip:


My favorite spot: The Road to Hana (don’t tell my dad who wants to take us on the road literally every day we are in Maui). There are so many hidden gems on this seemingly dangerous and windy road. Waterfalls, black sand beaches, fresh fruit, coconut candy, cliff jumping, should I continue?

More of Maui’s beauty is found under the water… but I didn’t get any good underwater pictures from this trip, so I’ll add our fishing pictures. Watch out for the Wahoo (Ono), they have sharp teeth.

I couldn’t write about Maui without mentioning my ALL-TIME FAVORITE restaurant. Mamma’s fish house is an amazing place to go for fish lovers. The sashimi here is the best I’ve ever had. The menu is always fresh (literally same-day caught and served), the flavors are always good but not too crazy, and even the dessert is on another level. It’s also on a beautiful beach where visitors can run into beached or swimming turtles. There’s one caveat: dealing with them on the phone can be tricky. They are always busy (because it’s top-quality) and it can be hard to snag a reservation, but planning ahead is DEFINITELY worth it.

Okay, moving on. The next best food in Maui is banana bread. Yes, there are probably over a million options, but there is only one Julia’s. It’s a teeny, tiny shack on the side of the road that sells an unbelievable amount of the worlds best banana bread daily. IT’s always fresh and hot, but try to get there before 2 p.m. (that’s when I’ve heard they usually sell out for the day). You’ll have to drive on another small, cliffside, windy road to get to it. On the ay there, you’ll find places to stop for a blowhole (a natural hole in the lava rock where water shoots out), some small pools (fun to swim in on days when the surf and tide is low and not dangerous), and one really old, cute church on a cliff above a black sand beach.


Finally, one thing you must do on Maui is just enjoy the beach (especially around sunset). Whether it’s Big Beach, one of the beautiful Wailea beaches, Ka’anapali, D.T. Flemming, or any other local or touristy beach on the island, you’re bound to have a good time.


….And that is just one tidbit of the lovely Maui, the way I got to see it last. Mahalo!



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