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Liebe Freunde und Familie,

Vielen Dank! Than you for reading along as I served a mission.

First, I will write a few highlights from this week! We got to visit
one of my favorite families twice and help them out! We shared a
message about being polished and I gave hem some of my dads rocks and
they geared up and were really touched. I know the spirit was strong
and they felt the love of God! We also got to teach Our Syrian
investigator. He is giving up smoking and has made a ton of progress
already. The whole ward will fast for him in January! He wants to be
baptized right away and has never been able to stop smoking before,
but now determinedly says with God he knows he can and it is working!
We also had a great Christmas conference and watched the new video
from the church for Christmas, it’s amazing! It was great to see all
the missionaries and to feel of their strength in the gospel, but sad
to say goodbye and to know that was the last conference! Sunday was a
mixed bag, too. It was so good to see everyone but sad to bear
testimony saying goodbye and to know that was the last time with my
calling in the ward in which I was currently serving. I just love
being a missionary and I am so grateful for this precious time.
Today, we got to visit a lovely older woman who really loves to talk.
She told us about her life converting to this religion and how through
it, God has given her strength to overcome her past. Her past of World
War Two, Russian spies, her cheating husband, and being alone. It is
amazing what we can do with Christ! I am so grateful that I get to
help everyone with this wonderful gospel!

This has been the single most rewarding thin I have ever done in my
life. There were hard days, long days, but also short months and some
of he best experiences I have ever had. I cannot express how grateful
I am for the chance to serve God and to share the freeing, hopeful
truth with the people over here in this German speaking part of the
work with others. I love each person here, even those who definitely
do not love us missionaries 🙂

God really does know us. How else could I speak to exactly the right
person who needs exactly what I’ve chosen to say at that moment in
various cities across the Alpine region (in German! )? I have seen the
miracle of healing through Christ everyday on this mission. When we
have something good and open our mouths, God guides us to owe who need
our light and He guides us to others. He knows exactly where you are,
how you feel and who you really are. Despite all of this, He loves us
all unconditionally and offers us an equal and abundant amount of
chances to better ourselves, find hope, get rid of guilt and shame and
ultimately to return to Him. We are His children and he loves us and
wants all of us to make it back home. His plan is perfect and it is
personal. It’s for you, me, everyone.

Above all that I have learned, I know God knows me. He has changed me
and shaped me. He has allowed me to play part in miracles big and
small and to feel of His immense love.

In this part of the world we talk to a lot of people no hear a lot of
no, but I still know that my mission is a success. I know that
everyone I talked to needed what I could offer, as small as I might
be. I know that God sent me here for a reason and I know that leaving
the 99 and going after that one sheep is totally worth it. If you see
the change and the immense joy of the one sheep, you will know too.
There are so many people in this world who need this gentle, simple,
healing truth. This gospel is amazing because it is directly from God.
It is full! It heals me everyday and I look forward to making the most
out of what God gives me in the future. I know He will never stop
giving me challenges and helping me become what He know I can become.

Thank you again for reading! I know this gospel is true and that God
has called a prophet today. I know Jesus lives and guides us. I know
the gospel gives us true joy and that families are forever!

Sister Smith

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