Vienna 11/23

A member in Vienna treats the missionaries to a very nice dinner at his Tennis Club every couple of months–yum!  I had Goose!


Schönen guten Montag alle!

This week we got to teach our lovely investigator from Syria. He had a
dream that to,d him to be baptised. This is interesting because
although he himself has been Christian for a few years, it has been a
secret. He has permanent residence here as well, but he lives with
people of other religions who know his family at home.

If these people were to find out that he was Christian, this mans
family and possibly himself would be in major danger. Still, he wants
to learn and knows that Christ will help him through. This life is so
much more than earth, it is eternal. Still, we Do Not want him to be
harmed so we are helping him and being very, very careful.

He reads daily and loves The Book of Mormon because he noticed how it
helps him understand Christ and feel the spirit of God. It amazes me
how dedicated people are to do good things and at the same time how
many blessings God gives as we are diligent and obedient. He really
know us, helps us and loves us.

His determination and the comfort God and our message brings him gives
me strength to ask everyone who comes in my path if they would like to
come and see what we have to give. It’s amazing the miracles we see as
people hear about Christ, how the problems in the world today are
foretold in the scriptures and the hope that God can give us. The kind
that takes away fears from a shy girl like me and makes me into a
missionary who can talk to anyone about sow thing extremely close to
my heart. Faith is powerful. 🙂

I’m so thankful for all I have learned!

We also had an exchange with the other Vienna sisters. It was really
fun! Sister Eden and I were sitting on a bahn talking to a woman who
had no interest. She got up and got out of the bahn when the man next
to her leaned over and asked us what we were doing talking about
Christ. We brought out the Book of Mormon and testified of it and how
it can bring us closer to Christ. The next day, we met with him and he
felt the spirit in the book. You never know the good you do!

Apart from that, we got to visit a lot of lovely members and talk to
them about the gospel. They are awesome! I love being here and doing
this. This message changes lives, it is a balm for all who use it
wisely and it brings light into life, even when we think we already
have enough good or light there it makes us better. I love it!

Have a great week!
Sister Smith

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