Schoenbrunn Christmas Markets and so much more….

Beautiful Vienna!


Sister Smith and Sister Baugh at the Christmas Markets
I was able to go back to Graz and have an exchange with Sister Grossen!  
Christmas Markets in SchoenbrunnIMG_0431


my awesome Iraqi family, they loved the treats sent from USA!
Carriage ride around Vienna at night
Giant pork legs we later ate then also later brought for Thanksgiving for our District
Plaques they have around Graz where Jews were taken out of their homes in WW2 and then became refugees…..Ironic
Christmas markets in Schoenbrunn

Guten Morgen Liebe Sorgen!

Wow. Where has the time flown? I can’t believe this is the second to
last Monday of my mission. I am so thankful for this mission!

God has taught be to use my bravery, to truly love others, how to
share my testimony and the truths that can help bring us all back to
Him and so much more. I am thankful for every moment. The good
lessons, the harsh rejections, the sickness and the health. I’m am a
full for all of it and for he way God molds me and makes me His tool.
I’m excited to continue on in this path in America.

This week we had exchanges with the Graz sisters which meant a day in
my last area with my last golden! It was really fun and productive! We
visited the Arabic family who I love and we taught them more about the
Holy Ghost. You can see how the spirit has blessed their lives and
helped them come closer to God. It’s simply amazing. The next day
after studying, we went finding or in other words we hit the streets
and talked to people! The first woman I talked to was immediately
interested. She needed God in her life and felt the spirit that we
always carry with us. It was a testament to me that the spirit and God
guide this work and that authenticity of the message we share is found
as people we meet feel the spirit of God.

We were also able to meet with our investigator Kvetka from Slovakia.
She is so sweet! She always feels the spirit in our lessons and the
spirit just fills her with so much joy! She told us that she knows the
Book of Mormon is if God and prays and talks to God often now! She
really is closer to God and His love now. It’s amazing.

Our other main investigator is also just awesome. He was gone all week
taking care of a sick family member and we thought he would not come
on Sunday because he’d be getting back very late Saturday, but at 845
he walked through he doors and stayed for all three meetings, as did

We are also finding a lot of new people every day. This week we had
the AWESOME opportunity to do service for a UN women’s bazaar. It was
a two day event. Here, stands from nearly every country in the world
brought their best foods, tradable goods such as scarves or trinkets
and ect, they danced in traditional dress, and raised money to help
refugee children. We helped set up and run the charity displays.
Afterwards, we got to try meat kabobs from Indonesia, meet pastries
from Kenya, banana balls from Malasia, chicken Curry from Napal,
Aripas from Venezuela, custard from Spain, Tres Leches from the
Dominican republic and got some African stuff! It was so cool.

The coolest part was the people we met on the way there. Both times
from the same station we always leave from which is very far from the
center, we met girls who would also work at the bazaar. One girl was
from Venezuela and lived here as a South American rep. She told us
about her beliefs and was fascinated as we testified of the truth of
Gods word and His prophets today. The second girl was going to dance
for Bulgaria and told us she needed his in her life! We are hoping to
meet with them both soon. It is so amazing to see how God guides us in
our every day lives to owe who need His love and guidance.

I know this work is true! I love it and am so blessed to be a part of
it and for every experience I have had here!

Sister Smith

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