Wien! 11/2/2015

Beautiful Austria!
Pday at Vienna Zoo!
Sister Grossen and our 1 Euro McDonald’s ice cream!
Vienna is so beautiful!

Wien!  Wow!

I never expected to be here wi another experienced missionary my last
transfer, but it’s going to be great, I can already tell!
It was sad to say goodbye to people, but I know we’ll see each other again.

My first few days in Vienna have been amazing. We got here, settled
into our huge apartment which is right next to a castle and went
through the books. We called a lot of people and almost everyone
answered and we made out a few appointments.
Then we went to the streets and talked to people and ended up finding
quite a few people. One of them just got here from Albania but is
originally from Iran.

I walked up to him and explained who I was and he asked me to sit next
to him. I pulled out my copy of the Book of Mormon and began
explaining I through pictures, pausing for his responses and
questions. As we talked I was able to bear my testimony to him of the
truth and how I know this could really help him. He shed a few tears
and we both felt the spirit! It was amazing. He also explained that he
was almost a preacher in another church but felt that was wrong, and
continued his search, which led to us! He agreed to meet with us, but
will probably be taught by the elders in the English speaking ward. He
had just gotten to Vienna a few days before and we found him right
away. God really does know each of us and sets us up with
opportunities to get what’s best.

Sunday was also amazing. After walking into church, we were bombarded
with love. Everyone was overjoyed to get sisters. They gave us fruit
and cake and complements and invited us over and prayed for us and
drove us to eat and then home. It was amazing! So many miracles that
show me God doesn’t just throw you in a corner your last six weeks,
but He was speaking to me through these tender mercies. I am so
excited to see where things go from here and to keep serving the Lord!

I know this work is true and I love it!

All the best,
Sister Smith

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