Vienna! Still in Shock! 11/9/2015

I got to go to Munich and see sister Berry!
Beautiful Vienna!
We went through the butterfly gardens in Vienna!


Grüßt euch!

Vienna is a beautiful city which tons of people to speak with. Talking
to people and inviting them to hear our message, on the streets, on
the bahns and busses and at their doors even has been our main focus.
As a missionary, part of our job is to always talk to people and
connect with them, then invite them to come closer to Christ.
Sometimes that means just trying to pray or just to be happy, but
sometimes they really want to hear our message. We do this because we
know what spew have will bless them! God really places people on our
paths and we see miracles everyday.

We were able to meet with two people this week who wanted to hear our
lessons last week. One girl is from Slovenia, her name is Keta, is
super cool. She speaks great German and has felt the spirit of God so
strongly in her life, telling her what is true and what is good as
well as what is bad. She is developing a testimony as she tries
reading the scriptures especially the Book of Mormon and praying to
know if it’s true. She recognizes a warm, good feeling at church and
we can really see the light of Christ growing in her.

Another person is called Bash. He is from Syria and got here about a
year ago. He is amazing! He first learned about Christ 10 years ago
when a friend took him to church and gave him a Bible. He didn’t
really look at it for fear of being killed, but one night to keep warm
he started a fire in his fireplace. He accidentally fell asleep and
the fire ended up burning everything except his Bible. As he saw this
he felt something and decided to believe in Christ. Ten years later,
he talked to us! As we taught him, he was very moved. We asked him to
read sections from the Book of Mormon, but he couldn’t stop reading
once he started because he loves it so much! He wants to get baptised
in December, but we have to make double sure he won’t be harmed if he
really officially joins the church.

Other than that one awesome experience we had was with a man who
speaks Serbian. When I asked him if he liked to read he was not all
that interested, but he sister Baugh and I got to talking and he told
us he lost his faith because so many of his loved ones had passed
away. We shared with him our insights about what happens after this
life and a few scriptures that clear that up. He was deeply moved and
inspired to believe, he left with a book in hand but sis r want to
meet with us. We were still so excited to see him walk away with a
renewed belief in Christ and much happier outlook.

Today we got to see a butterfly museum. It was cool to walk inside and
all of the sudden the cool fall air stopped and it was a warm tropical
humid air. It was really cool and so pretty, like a piece of Hawaii.
We also ran around and saw lots of sights. A place where Hitler gave a
speech, the opera house, the biggest church here, and a bunch of other

Serving in Vienna is the best! The Lord really does work miracles in
our lives as we live to receive and see the miracles He sends!

Have a great week!
Love, Sister Smith

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