Servus Von Wien! 11/16/2015

Wien 3 ward had a beauty night and treated us sisters to make up, hair and nails!


Facials at the Wien activity with Sister Baugh
beautiful Vienna
Spent the day with this crazy girl!
Beautiful Vienna Christmas Markets




Christmas Time!
christmas Markets
Vienna Christmas Market

Servus von Wien!

This week we had a zone conference here and we planned it. We talked
about talking to others and always looking for opportunities to share
the gospel. Sister B and I put out cups upside down with varied
amounts of candy inside. The cups represented people we talk to and
the candy how much you helped that person. You had to pick up a cup to
see what was inside and with it was a note how you found your candy.
For example you talked to them on the street or on a bus or at the
store lol it’s important to always look for opportunities to he,p your
fellow man and as a missionary to invite them to come closer to God!

Everyone seemed to have fun and learn a lot, and we had an exchange
after with the sisters in Wiener Neustadt. It was a very inspired

We also had the chance to meet with our Syrian investigator again. He
is awesome! We taught him about the Book of Mormon more and Joseph
Smith. To him, it all makes sense and he feels God in the Book of
Mormon! He is always talking to people about how he knows Christ lives
and is excited to be baptised one day! He came to church and really
loved it, he says he feels a beautiful feeling. I know he does when he
is at church or reads because I have felt it too and it is life
changing. He also told us that he Never ever rides the subway except
the one day we met him on the subway. He noticed how that was designed
by God. He got on at the exact stop we did where he normally is
driving. Crazy! I love Gods plan.

Another investigator, Kvetka from Slovakia, has been just so happy and
joyful lately. She’s super busy but reads at least a chapter a day.
She told us she can’t stop because when she reads, she feels Gods
spirit and it makes her happy. She told us she knows this is Gods way.
Today we talked to her about the Plan of Salvation. She came in
looking exhausted and left glowing and so excited to hear about life
after death and thatGod really loves us and gives us many chances to
come to Him. Every thing we told her got her excited and just smiling
so wide. It was a beautiful thing to see. There is joy and hope in
Gods message!

Although Sister Baugh and I talk to everyone, we don’t always find all
the people in the world to teach. Sometimes, we help them in two
minutes understand who God is and invite them to pray or we answer a
pressing question or we invite them to read the Book of Mormon. We
always invite them to learn more from us, but many say no. Still, I
believe that God uses both of us at His tools to being souls back to
Him. The way we can do that is as we read His word, have faith,
repent, be baptised in his authority and follow Him our whole life. It
brings us joy now and later and it keeps us safe! I love being His
tool and am so thankful for all I have learned and continue to learn

Sister Smith

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