September 21, 2015 Graz


Zuerst wollte ich etwas kleines auf Deutsch schreiben: Hallo! Diese Woche war sehr gut! Ich bin ein bisschien Krank mit Bronchitis, aber wir haben trotzdem eine gute Woche gehabt! Der Mission ist das beste Ding was ich je gemacht habe! Danke zu alle denen die hier wohnen. Sie haben bestimmt ein Teil von meine Mission besser gemacht! Ich liebe diese Volk und diese Länder! 🙂 Diese Woche wir haben viele Wunder, sowie immer, gesehen. Ich weiß, dass diese Kirche das Fulle des Evangeluims hat und dass als wir an Gott vertrauen, er wird uns helfen. Alles ist mit Gott möglich! 🙂
Sister Smith

Back to English!

This week I was still sick and we stayed in a lot, but I was able to recover quite a bit because of that so it was okay. Plus we cleaned up a lot of things and got to work on planning and preparation. It was cool to see how the Lord prepared us to learn things about being better missionaries! On Monday, I was able to go to the ER and they took my blood and gave me an EKG and monitored my lungs a little bit. They said there was nothing majorly wrong, thank goodness and I was able to get some medicine and start feeling better!

This work that we as missionaries do is so important. Joseph Smith, a prophet of our church, has said that it is the most important work we do. We missionaries are called and set apart to do it, but we cannot do it without the support of those who are members of the church! When we are able to work with the members, miracles happen. All of the people who I met and who later chose to follow Christ and be baptized and those who have really changed their lives, I met through members.

I am so blessed to work with some of the coolest, nicest, most dedicated people in the world. Their help has made all the difference with this family we are working with from Iraq.

This week, we were really only able to chat with the family shortly. On Sunday, the trains in the city were completely down. Church starts at 9 A.M. so we thought for sure with that no one would be able to make it. We even had to ask for help from someone with a car to get there. We called the family and told them what was happening. The mother was sick, she is pregnant, and she and the kids would have to stay home anyways, but the father said he would be there. We had no idea how he would make it, but we had faith in him anyways!

Sure enough, we got to church at 840 to see him sitting on a pew reverently chatting with a member family in his broken English slash German. He was super early, the members in the congregation made him feel very welcome and he came despite all the obstacles. It was amazing.

In the next hour of church, we were talking about the spirit and reading from the book of Mormon. He answered with amazing answers and even knew exactly who Mormon, Moroni and Nephi were. He has read a ton since we met him. It was amazing to see.

After church, we found out the best part. He had come the long journey to church on his 9-year-old daughter’s pink kid’s bicycle. That is dedication.

This really humbled me. Someone who is completely new to Christianity, whose family is home sick, who has every viable excuse not to come to church recognizes that he needs what he feels there, that he needed the spiritual nourishment found at church and that he just wanted to follow and learn about Jesus Christ so much that he would travel over 30 minutes on a tiny bright pink bicycle to do so. I want to be more like him!

I hope that I can show this dedication to be a follower of Christ not just as a full time missionary but as I continue to share the joy of this gospel my entire life. I know that Christ is able to help us do all things and that as we trust in Him and our Father in Heaven and follow them, all is possible!

I am so blessed to have amazing friends and family! Thanks for all you do!


Sister Smith

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