Sept., 28, 2015 Graz

Wochentliche Bericht von Europa!
Hallo zusammen,

This week consisted of a lot of rest and recovery, but good news: I
got antibiotics! That means I was able to do more work and am feeling
worlds better!

Through all of this, the support of our ward here in Graz has been
incredible. Nothing pulls people together like a sister in need :).
Members helped us find a doctor to go to, offered to drive us places
and give us food, called us to talk and check up on us, offered their
kind words and were overall very willing to help and loving. I am so
grateful for these people!

Our investigators are also doing well! This family from Iraq is
amazing, in case you couldn’t tell last week in that email. They were
at church again this week and the children sang with the primary!
Everyone was coming up to the kids and congratulating them for a job
well done. The song was in German and the only language they speak is
Arabic! They tried so hard to sing along and were so adorable up their
trying their best to sing! They are so well behaved yet fun and

After church, the family was invited by a member family for dinner.
They invited us to dinner this week for their “famous” pizza ( it’s
really good and they always make it for us lol) and a lesson. They are
always asking if they can do more, learn more. It’s almost hard to
keep up with them! They asked all about my bronchitis and said they
really missed us this week! How lovely is that? 🙂

Another highlight was when we got to set up, make food for and clean
up for the institute seminary kick off party on Saturday. Youth from
the whole stake showed up we helped feed them breakfast and lunch and
then cleaned up. It felt so good to be super busy the whole time doing
things. It really helped me realize that as we lose ourselves in
service and in God’s work, we are blessed with more joy than we
probably deserve. In addition to the joy we got from serving, the
sisters let us take almost all the leftover food which really helped
us out! In addition to spiritual blessings, God blesses us physically
very often in addition to spiritually. He loves us and He knows
exactly what we need! 🙂

So life is good, weather is cool and fall is on the rise out here in
Austria! It’s a great life!

Sister Smith

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