Sept, 14, 2015 Graz, Austria

Sept. 14, 2015

Dear Everyone!

So this week I had bronchitis and stayed in a lot. We did get to visit
our little family, they were doing so well. Everyone is always asking
about them, we went over the kids were so excited to pray before we
ate and to read together. It was so cool to see their light grow and
see them gain joy so quickly from the light of the gospel.

They came to church this week and our member friend gave the kids
little toys and the kids sang along and came running up to us and
hugged us after primary was over. Melt my heart for sure! I love
seeing this gospel help people and especially see how it blesses
families! Families founded on Christ experience more joy and have he
ability to get through much more than they might without this.

I learned this week that no matter how much you might want something
to be fixed Gods timing is different than ours. As we follow Him, He
will heal us from the inside out. It requires our own hard work, but
with Him all is possible! He teaches us so much in our trials and
prepares us to be reunited with Him as an eternal family again one
day. I know He watches out for us and I can see that every day in this
work, even if I am just able to make one person smile or have my own
personal revelation. When we lean on God, He makes us so much more
than we bought we could be, even if that happens in a way we never
wanted or thought of.

I love this gospel!

Sorry this is so short, but I am sick! More next week!

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Smith.


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