Another Great week in Graz!

Her new dirndl!
Elder McArthur and Elder Wise
The lovely Sister Gardner
The awesome sister Grossen and Sister Smith
Elder McArthur

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This week was a little weird because my companion and I got sick with a virus. We weren’t able to get in too much contact with the Iraq family, but they still have their book and are working on it! 🙂

On Monday, though, we were able to work as usual and had some awesome experiences. We went by a family who was referred to us by a member of our congregation in Graz. We were to go by casually and just offer them to learn more from us as missionaries. I was about ready to stop trying because we had gone by many times, to no avail, but this time was different!

I rang the doorbell twice, waiting about 30 seconds in between. We started on our way when the father stepped out and asked if we needed something. I explained, a little amazed that he was there, that we were missionaries and that we shared a Book with people, especially families, that gives up hope and helps families be even stronger.

He smiled, and said he was extremely busy in the moment, but that we were more than welcome to return and tell him more about this book. He took the Book of Mormon and our phone number with a smile and went back inside to take care of his family. It was a miracle! You really never know when someone will be ready, but you can be sure that God counts his sheep and He sends his hands to those who are ready to accept the healing power of the gospel into their lives.

On Tuesday we got to go to Vienna for a missionary conference. It was a lot of fun to see everyone there!
We did a really cool activity where we took a basketball and spun around 30 times, looking at the basketball, then had to navigate through a maze of chairs to put it in the hoop. After spinning around so much, it was comical to try and navigate anywhere. We watched as all the missionaries, except Sister Großen, hit the same spot on the wall and then struggle to keep balance, being so dizzy, as they relayed the ball into the hoop. One missionary fell, without realizing he was falling and a few more crashed into the obstacles. It was hilarious.

Afterwards we talked about what things we do might be comparable to spinning around in circles before trying for a basket. We talked about disobedience, about things that just take up our time, and many other things. I think this principle can be applied to much more. In life, it is often that we are busy, but how often is it that we are just wearing ourselves out running in circles?
The gospel contains the instructions and the map to how we can get things done without spinning in circles, so to say, and the Savior is always there when we have perhaps spun a few too many times and fall down. Next time I get annoyed or feel tired after something I have gotten myself into, I will remind myself not to spin in circles, but to just do what is right!

On Wednesday we called the nurse, because we were sick and she referred us to the hospital, for lack of better doctor practices. It was really weird to go to an Austrian hospital and to watch the doctors check up on Sister Großen. I was thankful I could help translate and that we have companions always to help us on the mission. It’s a little scary to go to a hospital and be questioned and tested by foreign doctors, but it would be a lot scarier to do that alone! 🙂
The doctors concluded that it was a common virus, gave us some medicine and demanded that we rest for the next few days. We went the all the appointments we could and then got a lot of rest. We are feeling much better!

With the little we were able to do, I really got to appreciate how much I loved each appointment we made it to and how much I really do love being a missionary. Each visit, each conversation is meaningful and lovely. Each time I get to speak to someone or help in some way here, I feel God helping me and the power of heaven behind me. I know He is there always for us! I am excited to see what the next week brings!


Sister Smith

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