Singen is a place of Miracles!


Meine Liebe Geschwistern Gottes,

This week we had a lot of cool experiences!

Eric is making super good progress! He wants to be baptised on the 20 of June and Benji really wants him to do it in a river or see. LOL Eric is really ready, though and he has some awesome insights. Last week when we met with him, he asked us a question about a verse in the Bible. His translation has pieces missing that were restored through revelation and the prophet Jospeh Smith in Joseph Smith Translation. When he asked, we read him the restored verse and he felt the spirit so strongly. He said he had felt and heard something tell him it wasn’t complete and then asked us. He trusted us and felt the comformation from God that what we are saying is right.

Later in the week we met with him and explained God’s plan of happiness to him. We explained why sometimes innocent or good people’s lives are cut short, because God has a huge plan and there is so much more than just our time on earth. God knows and watches over each of us individually and I know that if we die early there is a reason for it beyond the viel of this life. God would not suffer that anything not of our own chosing would deterr us from returning to Him. This is why He gave us Christ and why He never leaves us alone. I explained that to him and he really paused, and said that he knew it was true. Each time we meet, we have great spiritual experiences and learn loads together!

We also got to see Christiana and her friend, Blessing. Christiana is so funny. Here is something she told us this week: Our doctor’s appointment is at 4, so we need to leave at 440 to get there. Sister Preist and I looked at each other and laughed then explained to her why that doesn’t work. She was laughing and they left at about 345. Still late, but hey at least they were on their way before it started! She is too funny. She is also an AMAZING missionary. She invites everyone she knows and loves to church and to our lessons. Because of this we have full lessons narly every time we meet there. Almost everyone who lives in the complex is investigating the church.

Beauty Sunday is also doing quite fine! We visited her on Sunday afternoon and she was grinding a pepper with a machine. The pepper was so spicy that the fumes from it were making her caugh violently. As I walked in there, Sister Priest and I immediately started caughing and crying from the fumes. Nigerians love their peppers. They are just so lively and fun, they’ve got to eat the same way. Wooh!

Other than that, we had a street display on Saturday in the adorbale town of Überlingen. Benjamin lives there, so he came dressed up. He used to be a real street performer and he is still just as lively, crazy and fun as he was then. This little English guy, Benji, comes to the display in a pink tunic, shin guard type metal shield things tied around his legs, makeup to lookl like a roman soldier, and a breast plate and two swords. He is not wearing pants, just short swim trunks under the tunic OH, and a helmet. So keep that image, then he’s got a mouthpiece that makes him sound like a robot and he stands on a stool and does the robot while handing out books, cards, baloons with the website on it and pamphlets that teach about our church. It was SO COOL! It got a lot of attention and everyone seemed to have fun and got a good impression of us because of it.

I am so lucky to serve in the best place ever and with some really cool people!

Oh, the adventures of missionary life!

Love you all!

Sister Smith

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