Im staying in Singen!


Hallo Zusammen!

This week was a schön one. We helped the Constanze Blascher, 64, get baptised. The whole ward really pitched in and it was perfect to be in a dritt (three) this week because she cannot get into or out of the font on her own nor can she be baptised normally. Our branch president just so happens to be the owner of the Old Folk’s home in which she lives, so he was able to get a medical stool so she could sit and two brothers could help her fully submerse in the water. Another woman in our ward works there and was actually the one who introduced us. She is a nurse and was able to help us as we helped her change.

On top of that, almost each family had a part in the program, many nonmembers from the workplace showed up, and they gave a testimony meeting while she was being changed.

Her story is even more incredible. As a girl growing up in East Germany at the time of the wall, she was unable to learn about religion. Still, her parents had abandoned her and her siblings to escape the wall and she felt lost. She looked to kids in her school for guidance. AS it so happened, they belonged to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They shared with her how they prayed and she said she would never, ever forget that feeling. From that moment on she searched for the truth and felt something wonderful inside of her begin to change. She knew it was true, but because of restrictions was unable to get baptised.

As she grew older, she faced many health issues including a stroke. This eventually left her under protective care and she could make fewer decisions for herself. On top of all of this, she had no family and the love of her life left her after they were engaged for another woman.

A little ways down this windy, dark road of her life, she met Sister Stemmer. She immediately knew that she was a member of this same church she had found so much peace in as a child. After much consideration, knowing the workplace was seemingly hostile toward religion, she worked up the courage to ask her if she was a mormon. Sister Stemmer said yes and began to share the gospel with her. The more she learned and prayed about it, to ask God if it was true, the more her desire gew to act on her faith and be baptised. Still, she had a guardian who must approve.

After months of waiting, she got the approval and Sister Berry and I showed up. We, along with Marion and much of the ward, helped her. She had been waiting, in her words, about 54 years to be baptised. All she could say as she was coming out the water was finally! ”Endlich” and she truly glowed as she received the gift of the holy ghost the very next day. She says she’s never felt such peace and love surround her in her whole, long life. 🙂

I am so blessed to come into these stories as I do, unexpectedly and unknowing of all that has happened so that these people are prepared to hear the truth. I love this gospel and I know it is true!

I get to stay in Singen for the next 5 weeks at least and am super happy about that!

Everyone else is doing well and progressing! Missionary work really is the coolest thing anyone could ever do. I cannot put how I feel into words. It’s just wonderful.

Alles Liebe!

Sister Brooke Smith

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