Another Great Week!


Beauty Sunday was baptized!
The elders climbed this tower and left their cell phone and all their stuff on the bottom then got stuck! We enjoyed taking pictures of them!
Elder Lee and Sister Lee with Beauty Sunday and her children on her baptism day

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Hallo Zusammen!

So this week we had a lot happen! Beauty Sunday was baptised and we started planning the baptism of Constanze, for this weekend! So cool. Singen is a magical place for Europa! We are super lucky to serve here, and it’s not just because of the people who we get to teach. The branch is amazing, the missionaries are great and the senior couple makes it feel like home.

On monday, going back, we actually had a game night as FHE with the YSAs in our branch and some from the other wards in the area. It was SO much fun. We played a ton of games. The rest of the week we planned the baptism and called everyone and got it all ready and got Beauty to the baptism! She was supposed to be picked up but something got in the way and the member couldnt do it, so we rushed and helped her get over here on time and everything.

The baptism went super well! She brought her son and daughter, Victory,5 , and Faith, like 1, and As Elder Lee got out in all white to baptise Beauty, Victory says, ”Mom! Is that God?” Beauty responds as if it is totally normal, with a ”yes.” LOL it was so funny. Then Victory asked Elder Lee if he was God and he explained that he was not, indeed, God, but that he was God’s son. 🙂

As she stepped out of the water, she couldn’t contian her happiness. She kept saying that Christiana was right and how clean and pure and plain happy she felt and how amazing it all was and it took her about 15 minutes to change because she kept having to stop to thank God in prayer. It was so sweet! 🙂

She was confirmed on Sunday in church, after which a sister with Down Syndrome got up and sang a solo for her mom. She forgot the words and got really emotional (both because she forgot and the love) and turned around to hug her dad on the stand. As she did so, an old lady from Kazakhstan in our branch couldn’t help herself and started clapping. Everyone joined in. Then, another handicapped sister whose mom is not a part of her life got up and recited a poem about grandmothers for mother’s day. Clapping erupted again…. at this point it’s not so normal lol we need to let the spirit go. Well, it kept going as each young man and the young woman in our ward got up and bore testimonies of their mothers and the gospel. Applause each time. LOL This is a Europemormonproblem with a hashtag or whatever it is you kids write these days 🙂

Then, Sister Earnshaw came into our companionship as her companion went home. Her companion,’s mother is terminally ill and she was immediately sent home on request of her father. Sister Earnshaw is amazing and has so far been a great addition to our little Singen team.

It will be interesting to see what transfers hold. I love this ward and it might be super hard to leave, but the work must go on and I will go wherever I am needed! Positivity seems to solve loads of problems! 🙂

I am so grateful for my ”goodly parents” for raising me right and helping me get here. I cannot say how great of an influence parents have. It is too great to state. All I can say is that I am so lucky. Both on the mission (looking at you in this moment, Lees) and off, my family is amazing! Never take that for granted.


Sister Smith

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  1. Wow great week so happy for Beauty and her kids. Was really fun to have pictures. I can’t even imagine how much she loves you. Three companions now that will be a little tricky but I know you will make it work. Actually think you are getting transfered. I know that will be even harder. Grandpa and I are staying wih Justn this week while Dawn and Scott are in Alaska on a cruise with his family. Taking care of J is really hard duty -LOLespecially with your Mom feeding us all the time. When ever we are at your ward we have people comment on what an amazing missionary you are and great writer. Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow. Love you.
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