Another Fabulous Week!

Alpine German-Speaking Mission 142-2
A picture from the Mission Conference they had with Elder Bednar. Awesome Sisters!

Liebe Geschwistern Gottes,

Another fabulous week in this mission here. We have 4 consecutive weekends of baptisms in our ward. This past week we had an 8-year-old get baptised and a lot of support from the branch! Next week, Beauty Sunday will be baptised and after that Constanze Blache and after that Eduard! Whew! We are so blessed to help these people. They are so fun.

On Friday night we had an awesome dance night and the missionaries got to come. Our ward mission leader (kind of like our little coordinator between missionaries and the congregation) has aband called @mission LOL he sings in it and they played some great songs and everyone danced and had a great time. We missionaries even got to join in for a second! haha It was one of the funnest nights out here for me- bonding with the ward and our friends who showed up. Many people got a chance to sing- even my companion. What a blast.

Throughout the week we got to meet a lot with miss Sunday and she is doing so well. She had a problem with coffee but gave it up straightaway because her sole purpose now is to follow God. She does this because of how happy it has made her and because she has seen miracles in her life because of this change. When we first met her she said she did not beleive much, what a transition! She is truly happy, she glows and is going steady on this straight and narrow path to true joy! So sweet.

Everytime we meet with Beauty, Christiana is also there and she helps us teach. Crazy to think that once this girl was not a member and that I got to meet her and help her throught her process of coming to God. Clearly, our job is not done once we are baptised, rather conversion and true discipleship is a daily process of deciding to follow God and walk down His path, one step at a time! She is doing so well at this and since her baptism has shared the gospel so much. People will come to her with concerns about her religion and she just has all the answers and it doens’t slow her down one bit. She is one strong woman. How lucky am I to have friends like her?

The Constanze Blache is also amazing. She is just on fire and asks us so many deep questions. She always says she has been waiting far too long to be a member and will just be so happy to be baptised. The ward connects with her super well, too. On Sunday, her baptism was ammounced and 5 sisters in the ward turned to pat her back or congradulate her. She’s adorable.

We are also meeting with a woman named Nancy, from Nigeria. She brought two of her friends to church on Sunday! She is doing so well! The only reason she is not baptised yet is because her marriage papers are hard to get legalised from Nigeria to Deutschland. So she is technically living with her fiance. Turns out, her Fiance is a total gem. He went to Nigeria for her to pick up all the papers she would need to get married soon! We are so excited for her. She’s just too good.

We also had the opportunity to help a sister in the ward move on Wednesday. It was so nice to do some physical labor and really serve a sister in our ward who needed the help. The project took all day and it was totally worth it. I ended up going a little overboard on cleaning and cleaned her Dryer out- taking dust out together with Sister Lee without saying anything about it and I ran into her later in the week and she asked us who had cleaned the dryer… I totally lied because I hate taking credit for things and also got all awkward, but told her Sister Lee did it all by herself hahahaha 😀 She was so excited- it was her miracle of the week that she did not have to clean out her dryer. So sweet.

It is just a fact that when we help others we get so much more out of it than they do. I know this church is true for many reasons, but one reason that continuously reminds me of the truth is how much genuine love and joy I see feel and inspire in others as I have this lovely opportunity to share the gospel with others. The people may be far from perfect, but the gospel is perfect and it comes from God. There is a promise that comes from reading, accepting and living the standards taught in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. This promise can be found in the introduction to the Book of Mormon and it says that we can learn how to have lasting peace in this life and the life to come. I promise you it is true! I have never felt so much love as a vessel for God to reach out to his children! That’s the reason missionary work is so great.

I’m having a blast here in Deutschland!

Schöne Woche zusammen!

Sister Smith

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