Week of Traveling and an Apostle visit!!!!!

A visit to Tubingen to pick up Sister Priest’s visa and I go to work briefly with the lovely Sister Baugh.

Another week gone by, someone tell me how this happens so fast!

This week was very different for us, as we traveled a TON. Monday throught Wednesday were ”normal.” Meaning just working hard with Christiana, Beauty, Nancy and Constanz and being able to really see the hand of God in their lives and feel His love for them as they progress in the gospel. Christiana has been making huge improvements. We were reading all together in 1 Nephi 13 this week and she had a moment of complete revelation right before our eyes. She just got really excited and said she undertsood why this book was SO important. Since then, she has been reading a lot each day and has been an amazing support to her friend, Beauty who will be baptised soon!

Singen is an amazing place. The people are just so nice and ready to help!

The rest of the week we were underway. On Thursday we went to a place called Tübingen to pick up Sister Priest’s visa. The Lees were able to drive us (what we would do without them, I am not so sure) there and then got us ice cream and lunch afterwards. They are my favorite! 🙂 Tübingen is gorgeous, typical Europe with cobblestone streets and a big bridge with two rivers flowing through it, colorful buildings to boot. haha We got to see her old companions and I got to work with the lovely Sister Baugh for about 20 minutes. She is awesome, as to be expected. I was just amazed at how willingpeopleare to help. Her old ward mission leader was rwilling to take time out of his day and meet us to give her the papers she needed and then the missionaries guided us through the town to where she needed to be and dont even get me started about the Lees who never let you pay them back. I was just along for the ride, oh how blessed I am.

On Friday, we hit the road to Munich (it’s basically my home, I’ve been back so many times now). IT was a 4 hour drive and we had a good time looking out at the sea of spring green (in tons of different shades) that flooded the fields of Germany. It’s a pretty place, I guess 😀

We had gotten special permission to be there with the Lees and another Senior couple and their missionaries to do a tour of Hitler sites in Munich. It was so weird to see these places where I used to work and know the significance behind them all. We were on this walking tour with Elder Annen from my MTC group and his companion. It was a blast, just like anything I get to do with the Lees, but super strange to be on tour in my old area!

Later, we headed to the youth hostel where nearly the entire mission stayed overnight. You would expect us girls to stay up and talk, but man we were exhausted. So we slept.

The next day we got to see Elder Bednar. Pretty much everyone was expecting to get iPads and to hear all about them. The first thing he said was this is not about iPads. It was so much better than that. I know he is an Apostle of the Lord. The instant he spoke, his mantel showed in that we all felt so comfortable and loved from his spirit. Hearing from him flet like hanging out with a brother and best friend, even though you could simultaneously feel the power of the spirit in the room. Amazing stuff. We talked about how to prepare ourselves for a technological world and how using technology can really forward our reach and our influence for good in the world. We asked questions and answered his questions (no answer was wrong) and it was amazing.

I learned that really everything we have in this life and how we affect our futures comes down to our agency. Our choice and how we honor or destroy our covenants. Technology helps us really test who we are in that we can waste our time or look at destructive things or we can use it as a tool for good. We can choose to be acted upon or to act. When we act, we become empowered, strong and are readied to live with God and our families forever! When we are acted upon, we miss out on so much, especially blessings.

Elder Bednar is pretty amazing!

It was also way cool to see all of my missionary friends and some of my old ward members. Everyone is illuminated with the spirit and in the service of God. It is so nice to see my blessings in person. The Lord has really blessed me so much! I dont know where I would be if I didnt come here, but I know for sure that this gospel, this church, is true. I know that God will give you the same answer and that we all need to ask this to Him in prayer. I know that it has changed my life and it will change yours too! It is glorious.

Well, I am happy, Spring is in full swing and I’m gonna go hike to that castle again.
This time, not in the snow. Pictures will be sent next week.

Thanks for all you do!!


Sister Smith

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