Being a missionary is so Cool!

Where to begin….

Being a missionary is just one of the coolest things you could ever do. You do what Jesus did and what he would do today if He was on the earth. We get to strengthen one another and ourselves and everyone we meet. I have seen so much growth in people and it is so cool to see them open up and their light shine brighter because they are getting closer to their Father in Heaven. I see in each person who decideds to sincerely learn about this gospel, people on the street, my companions and of course myself.

This week we got to spend some time with Christiana. She told us a story of how God was watching over her extra well. She said that her daughter, 5, Miracle and Beauty’s son, who she is watching, Victory Sunday, were riding bikes outside in the nice weather and just decided to bike away.

They got about 3 miles away before she realised they were nowhere to be seen. She freaked out and had everyone who lives at the home looking for them. It was a scary situation for her because she knew if someone stopped them and asked them what happened the kids would be taken away from her and Beauty and put somewhere else.

She prayed and finally they were found. They had biked and found 50 Euro on the street and decided to take the money and buy some chips at the store. These 5 year olds did all of this without one person stopping them or asking them where their parents were. They even did it in German, not their native tongue.

Then, some people from the home found them and they were brought back safely, eating their chip. Everyone at the home was telling her how lucky she was and how she must really have God on her side. She was definitely grateful for how much God helped her with her kids and she kicked herself into high gear the rest of the week as she studied the gospel and watched the kids much more closely.

It was a moment where I actually felt proud of her for recognizing the hand of God in her life and not taking anything for granted. She is so faithful and she is just getting better and better, brighter and brighter each day!

We also met with Nancy, she wants to marry her fiance, but in order to get married she needs fad ton of documents from Nigeria and the German government does not really trust the government there, so it has become a huge process.

She has wanted this for a long time. We were teaching her about Chastity and about how she needs to decide not to live with her fiance to prepare for her baptism, and she will see a ton of blessings in the meantime, and she was humbled and ready to follow God.

She will be praying and fasting this week for strength. It seems like something weird, to not be able to live with her fiance if she wants to be baptised, but I know that as she keeps herself pure and really keeps the commandment from God to be chaste, she will have a better relationship, family, and life. Confidence comes from keeping this commandment as well as real joy and peace in life. I’m excited for her to learn and grow and get even close to her fiance than before!

We also spend some time on the streets, as missionaries, talking to people about Christ and sharing our message with people. Yesterday, we had a few plans fall out and were deciding what to do. We finally decided we needed to get out of the apartment, even though we had a ton of studiest to complete. We were going to deliver a Book of Mormon to a woman who came to church looking for the truth, Rosa. We grabbed the book from the church and went by. She wasn’t home.

We turned around and began to walk the super short walk to put the book back when we saw a younger woman with her little son. Sister Priest stopped her and asked her if she wanted to hear about Jesus Christ. As soon as Jesus’ name came out of Sister Priest’s mouth, the tears that were welling up in her eyes began to flow.

I immediately asked her if I could hug her, feeling her pain and the love God has for her. She nodded and said yes. I hugged her and asked her if we could help her or if she was okay. She said she was not okay, but that she needed Jesus and the message we could share.

She asked to hear from us, and made sure we were the mormons (haha). We shared a scripture with her in Ether 12:27, Book of Mormon, about how God makes weak things strong unto us. She said she needed to be strengthened by God because she feels so weak. We asked her if we could share what we had becuase we didn’t know how better to help her. She was anxious to agree and gave us her information.

I am so glad that God knows each of us personally and what we need. He sends us help whenever we need it, we just need to be open and ask to receive such help. I cannot describe how amazing this love is! Feel it for yourself, then share it! It’s the best thing you could ever do. It heals you, it strengthens you, it saves you. I love this calling, missionary.

Have an amazing week!!!

Sister Smith

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