Happy Easter from Singen, Germany!

Easter in Germany. Just like any holiday, and they have many here, they celebrate it well. The cities are flooded with people heading into masses and ceremonies and just partying. They even take Monday as a full holiday, too.

As missionaries, obviously, we do things just a little differently. We had general conference, had a lovely German dinner at the Lees (Schnitzel and potatoes and carrots and American chocolate cake). Funny story, the bus says it runs on the holiday but it turns out, as we found out arriving at the central station in Singen, it doesn’t actually run to the Lees on the holiday. We were going to be early and help Sister Lee prepare everything, but the Bus wasn’t running and Elder Lee was watching the Priesthood Session. Well, we decided we would walk like 3 miles to the lees on this super windy day so we could get there in time to help a little bit. We did it in 30 minutes, which was good for walking lol. Sister Lee was surprised but happy to see us and we had an hour together before Elder Lee made it home. We all ate together and it was delicious! Basically, Sister Lee is an angel and we love her way too much and she does way too much for us!

We got to watch conference with Christiana and Beauty and the kids. It was so good! My favorite talk in the moment is the one by Elder Holland, he talks about the boys climbing the mountain unprepared and the older one hopelessly gripping into the sand, to no relief. Then, of course the impossible happens. A savior comes with strength unimagined and pulls us lovingly to safety! I don’t remember if I shared the Because He Lives video, but it is so good and it talks about exactly that, how Jesus saves us and helps us in our lives. It is such a good one!

We shared that with Christiana and Beauty at the church and one of the lines talks about the greatest miracle and miracle the daughter got so excited, jumped up and pointed to herself LOL these kids are crazy.

Other news this week, We went to visit a referral from a nice young lady in our ward at an old folks home in a place called Sipplingen. We visited her and she was totally lucid and has no impairments other than being in a walker. She is so excited to see us and just explains to us how the church has had this lasting positive impact on her life. She always wanted to learn more, but in her older age, needed permission to do so. When she got permission, we got over there and she just sat us down and told us she wanted to be baptized. Singen, I’m telling you, is a miracle kind of a place(or maybe this is just a miracle kind of a work…). Just wonderful! Her name is Costanze and she is the cutest thing. She is German!

Beauty Sunday is also doing fine! Christiana had a birthday this week and we were able to visit her a bit and leave her with something! We gave her a framed picture of the Nigerian temple and wrote Families can be together forever on it. She just loved it. Africans are funny because when you take their picture, they don’t smile, they pose and they smile so much in normal life, but when the camera is on, they like it better when they pose. They always say “snap me!” and then pose for pictures. We got some really good ones. I will have to load those up next week.

Each day is such an adventure. Some days are physically taxing or spiritually taxing, but each challenge completed with faith and diligence brings blessings bigger than I can comprehend. I am learning how to be truly meek (responding with love and grace to anything that comes my way), how to be strong, how to serve others, what people (including myself) really need in order to be happy, to focus on the eternal perspective rather than just do things for the momentary results, and really just how to come closer to Christ. Each struggle, miracle, experience is a blessing and a lesson. I cannot imagine my life without a mission. I cannot imagine not knowing these people, going through these experiences or testing my faith out here in Europe. I am so grateful that I made it our here and the God is molding me into something better than I was before!

I am so blessed to know the gospel is true and the Savior and what He did is real, and that these truths really come to life as you live them and watch them save the lives of others in the mission field. Especially at this Easter time, I think about all that Jesus did for us and am simply humbled!

I hope you’ve all have a great time and wish you a fabulous spring week!

Sister Smith

p.s. we got transfer calls: Sister Berry is leaving us and goes to open Passau for sisters, an area that was closed when my old area was closed and is close to Munich by the Czech Republic.

I will stay and finish Sister Priest’s training! So I get to train again. 🙂

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