Lovely Week!

Lovely People,

Over here in Singen, Germany life is good. Just like always, we saw a ton of God’s miracles 🙂

Last week, I probably talked about Beauty Sunday, a friend of ours who is learning about the church. She is just so amazing. She was nervous before to commit herself or to learn too much more because of things in her past that had haunted her. Well, this week she turned completely around. She told us that she has been so unbeleivably happy since she has been reading the scriptures and coming to church and learning about God from us. She said that no matter what comes her way, if her papers don’t come through or if she doesn’t have much money, or whatever, she just can’t stop being happy. She really feels God’s love. THAT’S what this work is all about, my friends. It was just AMAZING! We were able to teach her more and she wants to be baptised on the 17th of April! I am so excited for her to do this, because of all of the peace and lasting joy that it will bring into her life. The gospel is just…. too good.

We also had an exchange (austausch) with the sister missionaries from a diff area this week. They are the coolest girls ever! The Sister I worked with, Her mother just found out about five weeks or so ago that she has breast cancer again. she has been nothing but tough, brave and amazing throughout this whole ordeal. She works and helps people and brings in blessings for her family. Her mom will have a little bit of time left before she departs this life, but she takes what could be an easy excuse to be mad at God and instead, leans on Him.ö She told me that she finds peace and she knows, more than ever before that her mother will not stop being her mother because of earthly death. No matter what side of the veil she is on, her mother will be there for everything. She may end up going home early to be with her family, but I am so glad that for now she is here, so I can learn a little bit more about how to be a truly strong person and to really trust in God and let His love fill my life.

That is all we have to do, let His love fill our lives. It is there and ready for us, but we just need to go and get it. We get to teach people how they can do just that on the mission. It’s the best thing ever. I love being here, doing this thing and just getting to know and learn from all these people from so many different walks of life!

In this Easter time, we are blessed to be reminded of a message of true hope. This message that Jesus Christ lives and that he suffered, died and was resurrected so that we might all have life everlasting. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has this awesome video out and I challenge you all to watch it, share it and follow what it says, it just made my day. I know that as we live so as to use this gift, it will make our lives amazing. (Even after death).

I love you all!

Sister Smith

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