Another Amazing Week!

Sister Berry and Sister Smith. They accompanied the wonderful Bro and Sis Lee to try a new restaurant they found in town. They look happy, must have been good!
Zone conference with the Freiburg Zone! Great Group of the Lord’s servants!

I am having a great week. Missionary life is sooo cool. I cannot beleive I am already halfway through my time here. Where doesa the time fly when you are working hard and having fun and helping people come closer to Christ?! It just disappears. I guess we can do that in our everyday lives anyways, eh? Not like I do here, but through small and simple kindnesses and love and just doing our best to follow God. 🙂

One miracle we saw this week: As we went to teach Beauty Sunday (awesome name right? Africans are the coolest! ), we met her sister, Racheal. Her sister asked if we were JW, like everyone does, and then kind of got out of the room. We were nice and kept on going, teaching and talking with Beauty. Racheal came back in and was actually super ready to listen. We were talking about the things Jesus taught about asked us to do in this life.

A few of the key things he taught of (as we read in 3 Nephi 11 in the Book of Mormon, among other places in the scriptures) is to have faith, repent and be baptised. As we talked about the last point, we asked Beauty if she would be baptised, if she thought it was good for her, and she hesitated and got a little confused, but Racheal stepped in and said she wanted to be baptised into our church. She said she has been going to a church in Ludwigsburg (same mission as me, but different zone) and she loves it, but her heart is not in it. She does not feel right there and she feels it would be wrong to baptise there, but she said the minute we started teaching she knew, because of the good feelings and warm feelings she felt, that she wants to be baptised into our church. We were so happy for her! She then went on to explain to Beauty why baptism is so important( because it is the way we start a new life and really focus on coming closer to Christ to use the atonement he gave us and be saved) She was saying, ”Why wait?” lol, anyways at the end everyone left happy, a little changed, and felt the spirit of God, and that is really the goal.

She is now being taught by elders where she lives and they are going to set a baptismal date with her this week!

We also had a bit of time to contact this week. One of the people who had interest actually started talking to us from out the window, which was funny. We were delivering some things to a family in need that our congregation had gathered together out of there own homes or with their own money (how great are they?) and the guy yelled to ask if that was for him, jokingly. We kind of thought, oh great here is another creeper, but smiled, of course and laughed and said no. Then, as we came back he asked which church we were from and said he absolutely needed to know more about Christ. We will meet with him this week! 🙂

We found a few more people who want to hear more, but that was the best story 🙂
We also got to work with our lovely friend Nancy, who wants to be baptised on the 18th of April. Last time we met, we had one of the best lessons I have ever had on my mission. She cried, the member we took with us cried, and we all just felt the spirit so strong. Her fiance had lost his job, their marriage papers were not coming through easily (they want to get married as soon as possible, but they have to have an insane amount of paperwork, from Africa no less, to be able to do that) and she felt as if God had forgotten her.

After this amazingly spiritual lesson, she went to visit her fiance and as they were moving his last stuff out of his apartment, he got a call from his work that had told him they had no room for him just before. They asked him to come back, but he demanded better conditions and a contract if he were to come back. He ended up getting a 1.50 euro per hour raise and a year safety contract.

Nancy knew it came because she had been praying and trusting in the Lord. She had never read more in the Book of Mormon and pamphlets and said , ”You know now I am truly, really interested in being baptised.” So we taught her about the importance of Chastity, or staying clean before marriage, respecting your spouse by only being with them in marriage and basically just keeping yourself pure, and set a baptismal date with her. She came to church and really got a ton out of it. She is glowing like never before, it is just so good to see the miracles of the Lord bless lives!! How lucky am I to see these and help people. Too lucky!

We also had four birthdays in the ward this week and we got invited to a family party for one on Sunday that was SO FUN. The family was super nice and we got to share a spiritual thought about Love. We read the definition out of The Bible Dictionary (In German is in the Book of Mormon) and then a passage from the bible about how nothing can separate us from the love of Christ and of God. Today I was also reading in John 15 and it just hit me how the love we have for one another and for God binds us to each other and guides us on. We are all children of God and he loves us all. At the appointment, when we asked the family what love was to them, one boy said this and pointed to his family and how they were all together. That is true. I have felt no greater love than the love of Christ and the love that comes from our eternal families!

Have a great week and never forget how loved you are!

Sister Smith

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