This week was a little different, here’s why:

Monday, P-day, traveling to a less active who lives a few hours away, then cleaning and ect. Great appointment with this lady, she really needs visits and we really felt the spirit touch her as we were there.
Never felt love like that before my mission, just pure intense love flowing through me to her!

Tuesday- District Meeting with Elder Lee, the couple missionary, as our district leader and only the elders in our ward in our the meeting with us. It is team Singen, all the way! 🙂 I can feel the dilligence and even see the marks of tired but incredibly happy missionaries as we share our best and deepest experiences with The Book of Mormon. I feel a comraderie and a connection, like a small family as we learn and become even more changed together. We go out and serve and share our limited knowledge, but mostly the feelings of the spirit, with others.
Facing little daily fears as we talk to people, cute old ladies on the bahn, families on the door and random guys on the street who need what we have desperately, but have no idea who we are and probably think we are crazy. After we take the plunge again and again, being filled with indescribable joy. Knowing it is enought to just try my best.
We, again, just get to be this vessel which ships the love of Christ to these people. It is just amazing.

Wednesday- ”Normal” Missionary day. We got to visit our lovely Christiana and Beauty. Christiana is glowing with the spirit, as she is now a member. She is filled with a glow and a calm that allows her to take on anything. She was called to Italy this week to finish her papers. She makes plans to get it taken care of so that she and her daughter can be safe. She has no money,. nowhere to stay and no food, still she goes on saying ”By the Grace of God I will make it.” She prays and reads and is now in Italy, waiting for her appointment and excited to return. She always says that she is so grateful for all she has and for God, but we have so much more reason to be grateful for her and her spirit. Some people just have this faith to move mountains, faith to leap without knowing where they might land, as long as God is on her side she cannot lose. We meet with a few people then have a German class with an amazing member, Sister Zimmerman, and Sister Lee. We laugh and just have a great time learning the best language ever.

Thursday- Studies, one appointment, then travel. Four hours to Munich with the elders. We talke to people and gaze at the beautiful country on the way. See all the missionaries at the Leadershiop Council and have a great devotional watching J. R. Holland. Sleep in Munich.

Friday- Amazing MLC Siter Kohler gives the best talk ever that inspires everyone, then we keep it going as we brainstorm and evaluate how to keep these missionaries doing great things and how to make that last forever in their lives, in the lives of the people they help and in the mission. Travel back, study.

Saturday- Study, visit members and travel to Zurich. Even better ride and planning Our Zone meeting for Tuesday. First meeting of Stake Conference. It was amazing and we got to sit next to a lady we did not know and get to know her. She is an amazing member and loves the missionaries. She said she loved us so much and gave us 10 Euro, would not let us decline it and beleive me we tried. So we kind of put it aside and went home with the Lees (they are the best!!!)

Sunday- Take the bus with almost our whole ward, a special bus they ordered to take us. It was the best member time o(like 3 hours on a bus to Zurich) we had a blast and got to know everyone a little better. Turns out, everyone who was on the bus was expected to pay 5 Euro (yeah, we should have known that..) and miraculously, we had the 10 Euro. What a miracle. Literally no other cash on us because our MSF didnt come in last week and we spent it all throughout the week (It was sunday, we didnt need cash). This lady saves us. At the confernce, there is a choir that is AMAZING. We are uplifted and the Kohlers are there and life is just great. Studies, sleep.

So you can see loads of traveling, but life is just good.

As missionaries and people in general, we are all our own unique kind of Instrument. (This is what I learned from Sister Kohler). We are the means by which others hear music. We must let the musician play us and clean us and tune us if we want to get the best sound to come out of us. That means to always be in contact with God, though prayer, following His guidance and living righteously, to always be repenting of our mistakes and to always be striving to do our very best. As we do so, we can assuredly make the best music ever. We need every instrument, that’s why us missionaries are here, to help gather our strings and drums and pianos and woodwinds and ect. Just everything. God loves us and values each of us, no matter how unique our sound or structure. I know that. I also know that we do want to make music, because it is so sweet.
As someone who had passed the music on and seen it change lives, felt that pure, incredibly strong love flow through me, I can say, there is nothing sweeter than making music.

There is nothing better than doing His work. I love this gospel, I know it is true!

I have also been reading a lot of Helaman chapter 5, in the Book of Mormon, lately and it really struck me how important this work is, how important each of us are to God and how he will do anything to get us back home safe. This chapter is super good, advice and soothing balm for the soul. Read it, see what you get out of it! 🙂

Love you all, don’t forget how special you are!

Travelling to Stake Conference in Switzerland!
We had an amazing Stake Conference!
I got to see the lovely Sister Pratt this week!
Sister Berry,,,,,she’s awesome!
The Lee’s are the best ever! WE love them so much! Such a cute little restaurant too!

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