Christina and her family, they are so wonderful!
a nice Pday dinner and dessert of course! Sister Smith and Sister Berry

DSC02646-2 DSC02648 DSC02650-2 DSC02652 074-3 005-3 DSC02638-2This was a WONDERFUL week. We are just living it up here in Singen, Deutschland.

We had a double baptism in our ward this week. Somboon Luu and Christiana Ebeyi. I know Christiana because she was our investigator, so I will talk about her. She is from Nigeria and was raised a little rough, as one of over 20 in Africa, and has a 5-year-old named Miracle. She is the perfect example of humility and is a light in my life. I am just lucky to know her and definitely blessed to have the ability to help her get closer to God.

She got baptised this week and I was able to wait for her and help her change after coming out of the water. She was sopping wet, and she just took a huge breath in after. She was blown away by how clean she felt. She beamed so bright and said it ”just felt like something flew away.” She felt clean and warm and just ready to start over. Christiana also got the opportunity to share her testimony right after she was confirmed and it was super great. She is just a wonderful child of God! I love her.

We are also teaching her friend, Beauty Sunday. Beauty was there with her 5 year-old, Victory and little ‘Victory was mad that he could not be baptised yet. We explained why and he laughed and then Beauty just beamed. She really felt the spirit and also wants to learn more and one day be baptised. She is another tuly faithful, strong woman who holds God in the center of her life.

Stanley came to church with his friend, John, who wants to be baptised this month and I sat next to him and John. Stanley told me I need to sit in between them in case they need to protect me. I laughed and said, no I am okay because the girl behind me asked me to sit right in front of her. He said ”I may be tall but I don’t bite.” hahaha He is so funny. He is making great progress toward the priesthood and the temple, but he is a stubborn one. He is a GIANT teddy bear.

We also got the chance to meet with many less actives this week. Most of the women we met with are super strong in the gospel and love it, but just don’t get the chance to go because of huge family issues or sickness. A women we met with today is called Sister Graf. She is over 80 and was born in Romania. She was a Romanian refugee as a child and lived in Russian and then in Deutschland. She had to work from the time she was small, her mother alone at home. She then married a man who became an alcoholic and she had 4 kids. She found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Germany when she moved here and has really battled to stay on the right path. After many years of faithful discipleship and doing her best to follow Christ, she had an accident and began to lose her memory. Now she struggles to remember what we talk about five minutes after we say it, but has a testimony that is rock solid. She cries because of how much God has helped her in her hard times and how much she loves Jesus and what he did for us. That is truly amazing.

I just have so much love for these people.

Missionary work is the best!!

Sister Smith

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  1. Love to see Stanley progressing! Yes he is a stubborn one, he wasn’t interested in the Gospel at all at first and was not very nice about it haha. But he was willing to listen after all and once he gained a testimony there was no stopping him. She is rocking it!

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