Transfer Week–I’m Stayin in Singen with Sister Berry!

These Sisters Love serving together! They will spend a few more weeks (at least) in Singen and they are very happy about that!

Hallo Liebe Geschwistern!

What can I say, I am the luckiest person alive, maybe? lol. I get to stay in Singen with Sister Berry, Munich is re-opening for sisters and we have a double baptism in the ward this week. I do not care about the numbers of how many whatever we get every week, but it is just awesome that these people are coming closer to Christ!

One of the two is Christiana. She comes from Nigeria, when she was young she used to help her mom sell fish, she has tons of brothers and sisters, one father and that father had three wives. Her mother has passed, but she is in touch with one brother who is still in Africa. She has one daughter and is a refugee here in Germany. The moment we knocked on her door she let us in and ever since then has been going to church, obeying every commandment we teach her about and asking how she can get closer to God. She is truly humble. I just love her! She will be baptised on Saturday and she is super excited.

The other one is Bruder Luu and he is also super faithful. The Elders teach him, so we know less about him, but he is super nice!

We also got to meet with a new convert, Stanley this week. Stanley. He is taller than 6 foot, from Nigeria, and awesome. He is the biggest teddy bear you ever did meet, lol. He has great insights at church and really wants to do right by God. He respects us a ton as missionaries. He and all his friends have promised to protect us no matter what (lol). We feel really protected here in Singen with an army of Gambians and Nigerians behind us. Anyways, he brought a friend to church this week and by the end of church he asked when he could be baptised. The faith of these people never ceases to amaze me! We will get to teach him and baptise him next month, if all goes according to plan!

We also had a few more less active appointments this week. There is a secret club here in Germany, it’s called the coolest ladies ever club. It’s not real, of course but there is a pattern. These are church members who were baptised way back when, have been through literal war, and are the strongest women and most faithful followers of God that I know. We met another one this week called Sister Arnold. She cannot get out of her house, she is trapped by arthritus and high blood pressure and still reads the scriptures daily, is extremely nice and welcoming and just loves God. She does not let trials get her down. These women are all like this and they are the best examples to me. I want to be so strong that no matter what comes, I will be stalwart.

I am also super lucky to work with my Branch. They are all super willing to help, accomodate the english speaking part of the congregation and have an energy about them that is brilliant. Our Ward Mission Leader, Benji, is from Enlgand and has a special fire about him that really helps us get the work done. Every time he meets one of our friends who are learning about the church, they love him because his testimony is so powerful. He has baptised almost everyone into the ward for a long time now, and it is no doubt due to the love he feels and shares with them! He is the coolest. His family is way cool too. His daughter is about to go on a mission and helps us feel comfortable here and really is ready to help us at all times. His wife is also AMAZING. We are just lucky we all get to work together to make this thing happen!

The coolest part about missionary work is all this work is really nothing. The Lord lets us do it, have a blast, while throwing people in our way who need help. We get to be like lighthouses. We cannot illuminate the way to unintersted ships, who are partying somewhere in the middle of the ocean, unconcerned with the fact that they will need to come to shore someday, or that they really want to as well. Instead, all we can do is shine the light, illuminate the ships within the breadth of the shore and bring those ships safely aboard. Once they are there, we keep it illuminated so that they remember how great it is to be on dry land and want to stay there.

I am so grateful to see these miracles, to help these people and to know God as my Father in Heaven!


Sister Smith

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