Week of many Travels!

Sister Berry and I with Miracle and Christina
Sister Berry and I at the Rheinfalls
This bug was in our apartment on Sister Berry’s laundry! I caught it!
Me the bug catcher!
Sister berry and I with the elders at Rheinfalls
Sister Berry and I ,,,,,, we Love Sundays!

DSC02520 DSC02568 DSC02567 DSC02565 DSC02528 DSC02518 DSC02517 DSC02516 DSC02515 DSC02514 DSC02512 DSC02511 DSC02508 DSC02505 DSC02504 DSC02502 DSC02503 DSC02501 DSC02496 DSC02495 DSC02494 DSC02489 DSC02488 DSC02476 DSC02477 DSC02462 DSC02453 DSC02452 So, this week was a crazy travel week for the Singen Sisters! On Monday and Tuesday we got to meet with Christiana, who is great, vibrant and right on track for her baptism, and then prepare for our week. We went to Zurich (Switzerland!) on Wednesday, a 2 hour travel each way, for our mission tour. We got to hear from Elder Kearon of the seventy and he was perfect, it was an amazing meeting about finding yourself spiritually, helping these people best and just being the message.

To me, that means that who we are and the things we do on missions, though seemingly set apart from the world, are real life- as real life as it gets- and that we should embrace the changes we make as a pat of ourselves. We should love those children of God around us enough to share the gospel with them and see their full potential every day. We should be dilligent and obedient, not because we have to or because of the promised blessings, but because we want to return to our home in Heaven, because we want to please our God who would do anything to keep us safe!

One of the best things Elder Kearon said is that “He needs His children home.” He likened us coming into mortality unto a child going to a school for the first time. The father walks you right up to the gate, having equipped you with all you need to learn, grow and ultimately make it home safe and happy, and expects you back at the end of the day. He anguishes and waits eagerly for your return home, he sends notes and people he trusts to help you through, but he cannot come into the school for you. That is why we do what we do as missionaries and as Latter Day Saints. We want to help our family come home!

After that, we went home and the next day went to Munich. We stayed the night there and listened to a devotional by Jeffrey R Holland about being strongly converted on and after your mission. Come home with one convert at least- AND IT BETTER BE YOU 😀

The next day we met and talked about what our mission culture is with President and Sister Kohler and Elder Kearon. AS we were giving responses of all the things missionaries do wrong, all the things we want to improve- we could all feel the mood deepening and we were all feeling pretty beat up, I think. Then some elder raises his hand and says something like I think we have a bigger problem… I think we are too negative. It is just an awful vibe in here, I mean we should be happy. Then Elder Kearon agreed and we all agreed and brainstormed about how to be the happiest mission on earth- hehe cool! It went much better then and we are all working on unity. love and happiness.

After getting back into Singen, we visited with Latifa and set a baptismal date with her! She is working on it and came to church this week. We are super excited for her!! Then, we met two Gambians on the train who want to take the lessons as well. All in all, it was a good week. I also got to see all the girls in my MTC group. They are just the best!!

I am just loving it!


Sister Smith

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