This was a GREAT week! 2/9/2015

OMA! She takes such good care of us missionaries!
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WE got treats (Girl Scout cookies) from home! Look how excited we are! LOL and yes, we shared!
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My district. Brother and Sister Lee are amazing, they take such good care of all of us!
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Sister Berry and Sister Smith on Sunday—twinners! H&M had these dresses for under 20 euros so we couldn’t resist—even missionaries are still ‘girls’! LOL

Liebe Familie und Freunden,

This week was great! (Okay I say that far too much)

But, really. It was. Christiana is just a gem, she really gets the gospel and is ready to leave behind her old ways and really commit to living it. This week we taught the word of wisdom and the plan of salvation and it was all very new to her, but she accepted it and was happy about the new information and the changes she would be making. She already almost followed the Word of Wisdom and says she knows it is from God! Way cool.

She is right on track for baptism 😀

Funny moment- We were clearing up about what kinds of tee are bad and what the word of wisdom entails and she thought we said Ovalteen. She said, ”I drink Ovalteen every day with Miracle!” We were both confused and sister Berry said, ”You mean the chocolate milk mix stuff?” She said, ”Yeah!” We tried not to laugh and said OF COURSE you can drink chocolate milk, that is fine! LOL we cleared it up better and she was happy, but it was funny

We also got to meet with some fabulous members, one being a woman everyone calls ”Oma” because she is so nice to us. It was great! She found the church when she was younger and now her whole family are strong members and she really does all she can to help us feel at home here as missionaries. I have so much respect for her, to take out time for us and to genuinely enjoy that time.

We also got to meet with the family of a handicapped member this week. One man who is always around to help her out, with moving and talking and everything was there and told the story of how he found the church just 14 years ago and lives out here while his family lives in another part of Germany to take care of her, her mother is not a part of her life nor her father so it is just her grandmother and her, without pay. He just does it out of the goodness of his heart as a father figure. She absolutely loves him! These people are such good people and I am so lucky to know them!

We also got to go back to the Azuleheim this week to teach Latifa and talk to Mathew, Peter and Hilare. They are all from Nigeria and are about to get kicked out of the house. Still, everyone in the house (It’s huge) knows the missionaries and loves to hear the word of God. Some are not ready to act upon it, but they all have such great respect for us. I hear ” I need to be more like you people and leave my life to follow God.” All the time. It is so humbling. I love them all, they really do also make sacrifices to get to church. They have no money and travel about an hour in the mornings and pay to come to church. The church in their area is in Switzerland and they cannot go there, so they come to ours. They try to learn German but many of them have a hard time reading english alone, forget German.

We get to help them all out.

Today we also got to go to Switzerland! We saw waterfalls where the river rhein ends and took pictures!

I am so grateful that I have this gospel and that it can change lives and that it can help people find real joy, everlasting joy. Not happiness that wears away in a second, that can come from any thing the world can offer you, but happiness that becomes you when you stop worrying about the world and turn to god. Consider the lillies of the field, yeah? 🙂

I have learned that on a mission. As I forget myself, what I left behind, money even, and just work on being sensible, but working hard, the Lord has provided me with joy, memories, amazing experiences, food and anything I need. I am just so glad that I have this!


Sister Smith

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