Hohentwiel! Pday Castle Hike

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Whew! A lot has happened this week. Last P-Day we went to Hohentwiel, a hill with an ancient castle on top as a district. The pictures are beautiful– I sent them to my Mum!

It was really cool! One of the perks of living in Europe, eh?

Then, we visited a less active who is afraid to come to church because when she was converting, she was living with her boyfriend. In order to committ to baptism, a promise with God that you will live after His commandments, she would need to either live separately or get married to him. She had a bad feeling about getting married, but felt pressured by her decision and did so anyways. The man was a toxic influence on her and her son and she let herself blame the people for putting her into that situation. She still loves the people there, but she has fears of going back there. She has a solid testimony, knows the church is true and is more greatful for the gospel in her life than anything else.

She is going into surgery next week and the whole ward asks and prays about her all the time. She is amazing, but has a rough past. The lesson was great, she really felt the spirit and asked us to say hello to a lot of people. She will let the ward visit her from time to time! It is just so, that we cannot let misunderstandings or scary situations keep us from receiving the gospel. God has made these commandments to help us, not to restrict us. I promise that as you live them, they actually make you free. This less active could have also let him go, which would have benefitted her entire family. Still, she is a tough and amazing woman who lives her part, just misses out on a lot of blessings!

We also got to meet with Christiana this week a lot. She has a goal to be baptised at the end of this month! She is always ready to hear us, and I asked her what she thought of what we taught and she says ” It is true. It is right.” She has come to church both weeks now and is so FAITHFUL and DEMUTIG… shoot forgot that word auf English… oh yea humble. Sorry! Anyways, she is so special. I just love teachig her. She soaks up every second of what we say. It is the coolest! The Lord prepared people to hear His word. It is also changing her. She glows and smiles and laughs. She is never negative because although she lives in a refugee home, is a single mother in a land where she doesn’t know the language, walks an hour to catch a train in the cold-snow to get to church, she loves God and feels lucky to be hearing His word. What a great example!

Another investigator, Nancy’s fiance lost his job this week. As problem after problem was lining up, she felt as though God was no longer there. We met with her and shared scriptures and all felt God’s love and the spirit really strongly. Our Ward Mission Leader and his daughter were there and we all just really connected. Tears were shed, prayers were shared and together, we helped Nancy see that God never once left her side. He is always there for all of us, I know it. Without a doubt. All we have to do is go find Him 😀

We met a new investigator, Beauty she is fiery but super cool.

We also got to have family home evening at a new convert family’s home. Chris and Faith. They are from Nigeria and we went with the Elders and our ward mission leader. We acted out different parts of the Book of Mormon, sang some AFrican gospel songs, and ate….

Cow intestine!

It is like rubber with a furry side on it. You chew it until it is edible. It tastes like… insides, but luckily it was covered in spicy pepper soup, so it was almost untasteable. Haha We all took one on our spoons and counted to three and then downed it! It was really funny and kind of gross. Then we left, laughing that we just ate intestines.
The crazy things you do for people you really love.

The next day at church Chris bore the sweetest testimony and receive the priesthood authority (power to do works in God’s name) and his whole family was SO happy, absolutely glowing.

Stanley, another recent convert showed up after missing a few weeks and promised us he would wake us up next week! Almost all of our and the elders investigators showed up to church, and it was all in all amazing.

I love this gospel and have seen it change so many lives. People who were crazy partyers, couldnt be bothered, atheist, dirt poor, rich, abused, who are wanted in other lands, have been changed from the inside out by hearing and acting upon the word of God. What we share adds to The Bible, adds to beleif, does not take away. WE are open to more, as it comes directly from God to us, to the Prophets, through the spirit. I know if we find God in our lives and don’t let Him go, we cannot fall.

I love being a missionary!

Sister Smith

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