Missionary life is wonderful!

Sister Berry and Sister Smith
Brooke’s always loved the little European churches, this picture makes me miss her a lot for some reason! LOL
Bodensee is a lake on the Rhine at the northern foot of the Alps, Brooke loves the water so she’s really loving being in this beautiful place!
Really wish Sister Smith had told me about this photo–more to come hopefully!
We are going to get a lot of these water pictures–she’s our water girl and haven’t seen the ocean, pool or lake in several months,,she’s LOVING and appreciating it’s beauty daily!

DSCN0823  DSCN0822

Sister Berry is great. We laugh a lot together and just have a great time teaching all of these Nigerians here. The Nigerians are so open and willing to hear our message. Everytime we come they say, ”I am ready to hear you people preach the Word of God!” and then we do exactly that.

This week we were looking for a less active and she had moved that Monday, so we just decided to talk to people at the place where she lives. We knocked on one door and the woman opened the door, was African, and said, ‘come in!’ we hadn’t really said anything yet, so we explained who we were and she was so excited that we had chosen to visit her. She called the entire corridor down to ”Hear the word of God” and we taught them the resotration. We visited them again that week and she and her daughter came to church! Actually, almost all of our investigators came to church, it was pretty cool.

It is great to have this front row seat to God’s miracles, I guess that’s what a mission is.

We also got to visit a less active woman who lives about 30 seconds away from Switzerland, we read with her and had a really great lesson with her. She wants to come to church but works at a hospital type place and really cant miss her work and when she does get Sundays off has no way to get there. Sometimes, I just wish there was a giant van that could take everyone to church who wanted to come. Alas, we will just try our best to find someone who can pick her up!

We also got to teach Nancy, who lives by the Bodensee. I have not seen water in … way too long! It was so gorgeous. It is a large body of water surrounded by hills and mountains! She is also great. We taught her and her fiance was there. He is evangelical, but really supports her learning our message. We also got to talk to him about the restoration and he was more than happy to read the Book of Mormon, so that was cool!

Basically, I am the luckiest missionary around. I get to work with so many cool people. One cool thing I noticed this week was how quickly people trust us missionaries. I mean we are here and even members just invite us in and treat us like family, not really like typical guests. We get to see the normalcy of it all and we get to then, really help families and get to love them better.

We are all here to just love and help one another. I know that is what God wants us to do, and that as we do so, we will be blessed and just plain happy. This is why attitude is so important, if we just choose to love our situation and the people around us, we can be happy no matter what. I see it all the time and I am so lucky that I get to try and change and be more like that!

One of the best parts of missionary work is seeing how much you change. Don’t fight the change, embrace it! It’s wonderful, it’s what life is all about. Changing, refining, bettering, evolving. It is so incredibly rewarding to look back and really see how far you have come and what lessons you have learned. Rough times are there for a reason, fight through and stand strong. Our GML told us just yesterday, If you hold tight onto Heavenly Father, He will not let you fall. Despite how crazy the world is or what hardships you face, you will not fall.

Well, I am excited for another great week!

Sister Smith

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