A week of Ends and Beginnings! Hello Singen!

Sister Smith Arrived in Singen!
Sister Smith LOVES the members of Munich 3!
GREAT looking bunch of Missionaries!

DSCN0818 DSCN0810 DSCN0809 DSCN0798A week of ends and beginnings!

This week was the crazuest yet. As soon as our ward found out that there would be no sisters for a while, we got appointments everyday to the point where we did not need to buy groceries the entire week and actually emptied our entire fridge of food and gave it to the Elders! Munich 3 is the best!!

It was sad to say Aufwiedersehen to all the people there, but we will stay in touch and President says it will not be closed forever. So, I am holding my head high. The best part is knowing without a doubt, that I have given my 100 percent to the area. That leaves no room to doubt, only to have faith that the Lord will carry these people and the elders will do a phenominal job at carrying it on!

On Thursday, we cleaned our apartment a little more (It was SOOOO SOOO clean!) and then rushed to the bahnhoff (central train station) with all of our bags// the lives of two girls, so basically loads of stuff. IT took us so long to do that we had to sprint to the station and sister Pratt caught her train with Seconds to spare. The Lord really helped us to make it, especially on our own! I definitely learned my lesson on asking for help: just do it.

Sister Pratt still got to say goodbye and still made it, so onwards goes the work!

The rest of the day was travelling, talking to people and other missionaries, and settling in!

Singen is a great place. It lays of the Swiss border and the Boden Sea. It is a branch that has grown so much it is almost a ward. That is pretty cool!! We have a lot of people to teach, a lot of Afircans who are immegrating to Europe and live in a refugee home, and are hoping to bring them closer to christ!

People here are so nice and open. It feels like everyone I talk to wants to have a nice conversation. It is really great.

My new companion is Sister Berry, she comes from Alaska! She is the coolest person ever. Like all my companions!! She played basketball in high school and is really athletic!

We get to go to the temple once a transfer, which is a huge miracle because I had such a strong feeling in one lesson in munich to go to the temple and was just left thinking… okay, how will that happen, I am on a mission where we dont really dod that so often.. and now the prompting has been answered!

We have an amazing couple missionary team here, the Lees and they are from Washington state. They help us out a ton and even drive us to church! What a dream.

Miracle! Saturday, I talked to a lady waiting for the bus who comes from Romania, I know about one word in Romanian (thank you elder Vitel) and was able to have a great conversation with her. Her husband died two years ago and she didn\t know, but thought there was a life after death. I shared about the entire plan of salvation with her and she was very touched! She said, she really wasnt ready to hear a longer message, but loved what I had to share and that she would check out the website.

It is great to be a missionary, consoling and uplifting others!

Well, I am excited for a great week. Love you all!

Sister Smith

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  1. Thank you Sister Smith for the wonderful experiences Sister Pratt had in Munich! We are sure she was trained well!

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