December 15, 2014

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A castle we ‘stumbled upon’ as we were searching for an address one day!
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Sister Pratt is an AWESOME Golden, Brooke just loves her!

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Hello everyone!
We had loads of fun this week just plain working! We took one day and just talked to people on the street, gave out loads of cards and then, again, we found a castle! It is in the pictures I sent this week. It was really fun and a good way for Sister Pratt to learn German and how to share the gospel with others! We had a few interesting experiences talking to people!!
For example, this week we met a lady who has cancer, she told us on a ten minute subway ride, and I shared a scripture with her from the Book of Mormon. Her face light up and she told me that she was on the way to the doctor right now to see what the next step for her in the cancer treatment was. She was greek and could read some German, but we gave her the German Book of Mormon anyway and she gave us her address. We trecked out (like 2 hours away, contacting on the way) to a tiny little German farm town to give her the Greek Book of Mormon. We found her house (which was a miracle) and her mother answered the door and no one else was home. Her mother speaks almost no German or Enlgish and would not take the Book of Mormon. So we laughed and put a card in her mailbox. Still, on the way we met loads of people and shared messages with them. You can feel, here, a tiny glimpse of what it must have been like to be the Savior. Working miracles and changing lives, but still being rejected often. I would not trade it for a thing.
We also got to work with Sebastian a bit this week, and he even came to church in a tie and slacks and nice shoes!! He is praying about a baptismal date and definitely wants to get baptised within the next year. In the meantime, we are working hard, learning tons and just feeling the blessings pour down on us!
The ward is awesome. This week we had our Christmas Conference for all missionaries in 2 zones and 4 women helped cook all the food and cleaned up. Every single one was from our ward. (WOW that says something.) We got to watch Meet the Mormons as well. A MOVIE. It was great!! We loved it.
And sister Pratt is just plain cool.
Speaking of cool wards, Thanks to the Yorba Linda youth for all the gifts. You are just lovely! Sister Pratt and I take turns opening the gifts and we already have the CD in!! We love you!!
It is starting to get cold here so we are snuggling up and enjoying the patches of sun!!
Missionary work is the best!! I LOVE GERMANY!

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