Transfer 4

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Sister Platt, The ‘Golden’ Brooke is training,,,,she loves Sister Platt and is grateful she’s a hard worker! YEAH!
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Briefly reunited for a quick hello and hug from Sister A. Brooke loves Sister Angeloudis, her MTC companion and is so happy the few times they get to reconnect briefly!
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a little teary as she says goodbye to the lovely Sister Packer! Brooke enjoyed being companions with her and they worked so well together. Good Luck Sister Packer!
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The adorable Sister Packer!
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It looks like she’s returning home with some cool stuff!

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My new companion’s name is Sister Pratt and she is awesome!! She is from Maine and we have a ton in common. (She also loves Harry Potter and the Hobbit, is obedient and loves her mission, and etc…) That makes it really easy to do loads of great work!

This week I sent a companion home and brought one into the field. Now that was a weird feeling!! Still, we were able to work hard the whole time. We have done a lot of less active work, teaching them the gospel lessons, recent convert work, preparing them for the temple, finding more people and are working well with our investigators.

Sebastian is doing well! He met Sister Pratt just yesterday and we will meet a few times this week for lessons! He is an awesome guy and is really loving the church atmosphere and the blessings of the gospel in his life.

The ward already loves Sister Pratt. They have been such a help in welcoming her to München and making sure that she feels welcome. Elena, a recent convert, tried to speak English to her yesterday to tell her she did a great job sharing her testimony in German. Elena is from Ukraine and is learning German, let alone English, but really did her best to make sure that Sister Pratt felt great in the ward, being so new.

She is so sweet!! Tina also welcomed her with open arms and is so sweet. WE are loving teaching and getting to know her. She has such a warm glow about her!

Sister Pratt also has an amazing voice which is good because we had to sing at the ward christmas party this week (10 missionaries came together to sing an American and a german christmas song). Tina coordinated the whole thing and we were signed up beforehand to sing, and then I found out that Sister Pratt had taking voice lessons and was in choir and just thought WOW. God really does help us and His plan is so perfect!!

One miracle this week: As we were talking to people in our very new German, we met one lady and had hardly any time to talk to her. I complimented her scarf and sister Pratt asked if it was warm, normal conversation starters, and she was super nice. Then, before we could ask or say anything else we had to get off the train at our stop. She got off with us and touched my nametag and told us that she was Muslim until just a few months ago and had been trying to learn about Jesus. We explained who we were and what our job was. I took out my Book of Mormon and taught her a little about it. She was pretty amazed! She didn’t want to take the Book of Mormon or lessons, but took a card with gratitude and said in German, of course, that we would never know how much that little card meant to her. She could finally learn about Jesus! the Lord knows exactly who we are and sends us to the exact right place to teach us important lessons, help us meet exactly the right people and take exactly the right steps to bring everyone to the eternal joy He’s got available for everyone!!
Sometimes miracles seem small. Remember that there are 80,000 missionaries in a world of 6 billion people. We find and talk to loads of ready people. What they are ready for is always different, but as long as we do our part, we get this awesome opportunity to take a front row seat to the miracles of God.

Also Christmas season here is magical!!

I love Deutschland!!

Sister Smith

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