Transfers–I’m staying and Training a Golden~YEAH!

So, Not too much has happened since last I wrote because last week was a little crazy and we wrote emails on Friday. Some of the things I just forgot to include….
Some updates:
-Our lovely Tina came to church and is organizing the Christmas party on Saturday (she’s not even a member, how great is she??) We get to go over to her apartment and teach her again tomorrow!
-We went on a bit of a crazy adventure to find a guy who had learned about the gospel and wanted to learn more. We visited him at work and stopped everyone on the busy, (super nice shops on the Street it was a very nice part of town because the guy works at the four seasons!) street to ask them what they are thankful for. We explained that it was an american holiday and they laughed and asked us how much Turkey we had eaten, or yelled at us and ran away (so funny) or sincerely looked at us and told us that they were happy to just be here on this earth. One lady in particular had survived Cancer and was thankful to be living and breathing. It is so nice to see sincerity in people. WE found the guy and he was crazy busy, but was also SUPER NICE and HILARIOUS and we will be keeping in contact.
– We had thanksgiving.. American style. A woman in our ward who can COOK made super good rolls, turkey, yams.. I don’t even like yams okay but these were good!.. and pie. MM it was some great time to spend with all the American members and missionaries in our ward! YAY Thanksgiving in Deutschland.
– We got transfer calls. I am staying.
ALSO TRAINING! I get a golden (brand new missionary). Ah, we will make the best of it. WE are going to have a blast and work so hard. 😀
-Sister Packer gave a talk on Sunday and she will be finishing her mission this week. We will miss her (I will really miss her!), but it’s nice to have friends on the other side (Krissie, I love you! 🙂 )
– It’s starting to cool down. In a big way. Oh, I am from California! Still, it’s nice to see the change in season! Ah, wearing 5 layers can be fun!
– I love being a missionary! YAY

A great talk I was reading today was Elder Uchtdorf’s from the 2013 May RS General Broadcast (part of conference) ”Your Wonderful Journey Home.” You should all read it! It gives great advice. Basically, it always leads back to the choices we make. Gratitude, for example is a choice. It turns frowns into smiles, hardships into challenges, a little bit into a lot and work into fun. We are all on our own journey. It can be scary, challenging, frusterating or tragic at times, but if we just say a prayer, lean on God and push through, we can do anything. I have seen that as a missionary. I know that God can help our rainy days fill with sunshine. Choosing to live a good life and to follow the example of Christ can make our hardships bearable( I can’t spell), can make us strong enough to carry whatever load life throws at us.

I love sharing that message and watching it change people!
Have a great week!!
Sister Smith

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