Happy Thanksgiving 2014 from Germany!

I bought a dirndl!  I love Germany!
I bought a dirndl! I love Germany!
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Its so beautiful here!
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Fall decoration package from home
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The lovely Sister Packer
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I love Fall in Munich!
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working hard!

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Thanksgivng was awesome here and we did get to celebrate it! It was amazing! We got to go to an American’s house for Thanksgiving Dinne and she is a super good cook. It was sooo good.

This week was amazing! On Monday, we hit a snag with our Pday because there was a lady we met who wanted a Book of Mormon in Albanian. We went to deliver it to her on the only day she had off for the forseeable future. We walked there and she wasn’t home. We waited for a second and prayed, then finally decided to leave. We turned around and there she was! Coming home. Then we gave her the book, though she doesn’t speak much German or English so that was fun 🙂 She wasn’t interested in meeting again, but we were able to give her the book and she said she would read it. I think that is a miracle. 😀

Backtracking a bit to earlier in the week… We were able to meet with Sebastian and he is doing way good! He’s got a new job, a reinstated desire to find out truth for himself and a better relationship with God. He is really a cool kid.
We also got to meet with a less active who was baptised very young. As we were talking with her, she said she never really felt she had the chance to develop her own testimony. We explained that she just needed to read, pray and come to church. She promised to start by reading. We helped her get the app on her phone, in her native language Spanish, and were simply amazed. She was just like an investigator. She had no idea what it meant to be baptised and her she was, getting another chance to start fresh. We did a similar thing with another less active of ours this week also from South America who was not taught a lot of things before she was baptised, or who has soon forgotten them, and as we taught we could see her face light up. She really wanted to change so that her family could be together for eternity.

It is just such a testimony to me that before we make big decisions, such as baptism, we must be ready for them. That requires self reflection, thought, prayer and action! God doesn’t want us to roam uninformed into His kingdom, he won’t allow it. We are here to make our own decisions and build our own life. He has given us all the help he can and will give us more if we only look for the help He wants to give us.

WE also got to teach Tina this week and she really takes it seriously. I love teaching people about things that can help them eternally progress. You can feel how much love there is for these people.

Then, just today I met YET ANOTHER lady from Yorba Linda. Her grandparents had a huge ranch out there earlier and founded the street Bastanchury. Hey that is where our church building is! I told her all about that and she was like ”This is so cool, what are the chances.” She moved to Germany in the 80s on a whim and ended up settling down here. She is very old. I just can’t comprehend how huge God’s plan is. he really has specific plans for us! WOW!

All we have to do is beleive, learn, and act! YAY! Well, I love being a missionary!


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