November 18, 2014

This week we got to work with some of our favorite people, so like you know, everyone! 😀
First off, we got to work with this amazing investigator, Tina! Her husband is a member, he served his mission in Canada. They always feed us amazing and healthy meals, even though we tell them they don’t have to feed us, that we are there to teach her! She is the best! She is really progressing well, she thinks deeply about things and is always ready to learn more. I really appreciate that every time we meet, she gives us 110 percent attention. We taught her der Plan des Glücklich seins and my German was really good. I mean really good. I mean I am not braging, when you understand that it was not me speaking. I was teaching and I knew how important it was for her to understand, for it to be clear and all of the sudden, God helped. Sister Packer said afterwards that I made no mistakes. WHAT?

I am so grateful that I can be such a tool for the Lord to use to teach people. We now get to text her scriptures everyday and she and her husband read more and talk about them every night. I love her! Later, she asked us over for Thanksgiving ( and she’s German– she doesnt even normally celebrate it) and we already have an appointment, but she was like that’s totally fine, I just wanted to make SURE that you got to celebrate a holiday that is so important in your culture! Germans are so much warmer, nicer and ready to help than people give them credit for. Seriously, if I am lost and I ask for directions tons of Germans will stop to help. It just goes to show that you really can’t judge something until you’ve really experienced it!

I am so grateful to be here, in this beautiful place. They are starting to set up all of the Christmas Markets here and everywhere is so traditionally and beautifully decorated. Germany is just the best.

This week I get to use my filming skills as I help with Releif Society in making a video about our ward and the conversion stories of all the members. I then get to edit it! YAY I am so excited to talk to everyone about how they found their faith. All of the members have great stories. They are such good examples to me.

Last week I talked a lot about how members are the best tools we have. It should, then follow, that we must also be great tools in helping God help others. He can’t be here right now, but I am. I have been thinking a lot about what kind of tool I can be and what I can do to sharpen my skills. Where to even start? Then, I realized to just go. Just go and do the work and the Lord will show you. That is really true. (refer to paragraph one where I was able to speak perfect German) LOL

We also had an amazing Stake Conference this week, Sister Packer spoke and it helped us connect with tons of members there. Right after the Conference, we went to a members house, who was not able to make it, and shared the talk! She was super grateful for the visit!

We also were able to talk to someone who had left the church. We were in this situation to lift someone else up, but ended up hearing a lot of negative things, some of them about Sister Packer’s family. In that moment, I realized how much the Lord really trusted us. We were able to be kind, patient and simply bare our testimonies. We were able to lean on the Atonement and not judge, but stay strong in our faith. Oh, the help we receive when we but ask. I read a talk this week from Jeffery R. Holland about faith. He states that when we are really humble and ask God to help us find out the truth, then He will give us help from both sides of the veil. How cool is that?

I will simply state that I know this Church is led by God. I know the Prophets and Apostles are called of God. God has answered all my questions, protected me and sheltered me. I am so grateful to be here, a servant and a tool for Him. I truly do see miracles everyday and I can promise anyone that they can see them too, if they just ask God, open their eyes and get to work!

Sister Smith

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