Missionaries can relate to SuperHeros! November 10, 2014

Being a missionary is like being a superhero. Honestly, that is what it feels like. Everyone thinks you are so weird because you are different, you are able to use power to help people and you’re sole focus is to bring others to safety. Once a missionary realizes that the best way to have these powers is by actually being obedient and thinking of others. You can only tap into the power that God gives you as a missionary when your mind is on the work and your heart is with the people.

I hate running. I am a swimmer, I can’t run. However, as a missionary, I run a TON. I run to catch the bahn (subway), to make it to appointments on time, in the morning for Frühsport (excersize), and every time I run, I think of the people I’ll be able to help as I get there faster. Now, when we don’t run we are able to talk to people and we do that a lot too, but when I’m running, it is always so that I will be able to do the job Heavenly Father has given me well by reaching more people than otherwise would be possible. Some more superpowers I get to use are…
The Gift of Tongues (I can speak German and understand it). I’m not perfect, but people can understand me and I am able to say whatever I want, pretty much.
An ability to reach and connect to people despite their circumstances- while using the gift of the holy ghost, I am able to give people the message God has for them and ultimately help them live the gospel better so that they can receive more blessings and enjoy the happiness that I am also blessed with as I try to be obedient.
A light. So many people are drawn to the missionaries because of the special light we are allowed to carry when we are obedient. They tell us that, they ask how we can be happy in the cold and dreary winter, they schedule return appointments with us even if they dont understand our german because they feel the light and warmth that comes from the spirit. They can also see it in members. It is a gift that keeps us warm and if we use it well, can help others as well.
there are tons more, but That is a good sneak peak into why being a missionary is so special!

I know I can only manage to talk to people, speak this language, touch hearts and witness change because I am being helped. The power comes from God! I am so thankful for that.

This week we were able to work with tons of less actives and members who are normally busy were randomly (cough cough miracle superpowers lol) able to show up. The lessons went super well and some came to church 😀
We were also able to talk to our steak president, President Auras. He lost his 11-year-old son last month randomly, during a soccer game, due to an unknown heart problem. He told us that the next day he prayed for comfort in the temple and a worker there had the same name as his son. He cried and thanked the worker for the miracle that brought him so much comfort only to then find out that this man had been really good friends with President Auras’s father as a kid. They had lost contact for a long time and were finally reunited. The witness and knowledge that President Auras has makes him the one of the most shiny, awesome and missionary-oriented examples I know!

Otherwise, I am doing GREAT. I love working here. The people are so great. The ward is doing well and we are seeing so many miracles. Living the gospel joyful is the best.

A Tidbit from my studies today that I thought was cool. In Preach My Gospel it talks about how to know you are a successful missionary. Here is the formula:

Obedience+ Righteous Living+ Doing your best to help others live the gospel = a successful missionary

-baptisms sold separately 🙂 (that was my insert lol)

Baptisms are great, they are our goal, they bring people closer to Christ and help them immensely. Still, a missionary is not unsuccessful because the souls he or she touched did or did not come to baptism. Let the light you illuminate in each soul shine and burn brightly enough for everyone, let it be everlasting and (hey maybe this is even you- the missionary- we are talking about) let it lead them to happiness.

Miss you all!
Sister Smith

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