November 3, 2014

This week was great. We kept working with Natalie, welcomed a new elder into our ward and had a blast just plain working!

WE had loads of miracles. Sometimes I feel like an action hero or something because there are some days where we have so many things to do that we literally run to catch our train in order to help more people and it is actually fun! I will probably remain in Munich until January (yay!) and Sister Packer and I are like an equal companionship. She will go home at the end of this transfer.

Today, we went to Dachau, a former concentration camp. It was the first concentration camp. We watched a video for the camp at the beginning (oh by the way we were with an LDS couple we met on the bus– from Sacramento) and there were so many videos of Nazis roaming the streets we now work in. It was an unreal experience, walking through an incinerator room where millions of bodies were burned, a gas chamber and tiny living quarters for the people who were sentenced to death. It is devastating to think of all the agency that was taken away there and all the pain endured. Still, knowing that the Atonement of Jesus Christ covers all pain and suffering and will allow these people to receive the justice life robbed them of, helps me to carry on and fuels me to help more people come to that realization.
Time on emails this week is a little short because of that, we took a later train and the elders will need the computers soon, but it was worth it to see the history and honor the people who went through that.

Natalie is doing great- she shares the gospel whenever she can, is super strong and simply glows with joy, a less active who we could not get ahold of came to church this week, a part member family came to church this week, we had Rouladen (look that stuff up its SO GOOD) and a chef in our ward cooked for us a soup, a pumpkin (how do you spell quesh or keesh or whatever lol I forgot how to english) and Quark with saffron in it. You don’t have Quark or anything like it in America but man you are missing out it is actually healthy and delicious, especially with saffron. It was such a good week for food. lol

There is an opera singer in our ward who went to ASU and is from AZ actually lol and she is super cool. We went to her house for dinner last night and she told us how she is booked with shows and how it all came to be. Her name is Angela Brower and she is just the best!

We also had a cool miracle story this week:
(from Sis Packer, I copied this from her email since we are short on time):

We had a miracle story happen the other day. We had some lag time in between appointments and going home and I thought, hey let’s contact. We began talking with man from Nigeria. He was really open. Sister Smith started and said to the effect of, ”We’re missionaries of our church and we help people find relief from feelings of guilt and shame through Jesus Christ. Do you have a belief in God and Jesus Christ?” HOLY NOT GOLDEN OF MY LIFE. She’s a rockstar! We had a great conversation with him about communicating with God. He was leaving back to Nigeria within a week, but Sister Smith then went and asked him if he knew anyone that would be interested in learning about our message. He paused. And thought. He pulled out his phone and for a good two to three minutes just scrolled through his contacts. He ended up giving us 3 different contacts!! We called one right there and they were interested in hearing about our message and agreed to come to church! The next day we called the second and invited them to church. They said yes! The third one I called Saturday night. I said ”Hi, I’m a missionary from my church and we teach people about God. Would you be interested in hearing a message about God and Jesus Christ?” He replied, ”Um, wait what church are you from?”
”The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”
He laughs on the other end. I’m thinking what? He says, ”I’m a member of the Church of Christ.”
”….wait what?”
”I’ve been baptized.”
I said, ”Wait, so you’re Mormon?”
”Yes, I was baptized in 2012.”
It was crazy! We talked for a bit and shared Helaman 5:12 with him and prayed with him over the phone. He was so great and sounded like he needed a boost and call from a friend. I bore my testimony to him that I knew God loved him and knew where he was. It was really really neat. He knew an elder in our district, he had been visited in the hospital by him!
Small world!

I love being a missionary!!!   Today was 75 and sunny. What more can a girl ask for?
Love you all and have a fabulous week!
Sister Smith

This hard-working group was awesome!  They had great success together because they worked so hard.  The sisters bought them all matching scarfs before Sister Harman went home and Elder Spencer was transferred
This hard-working group was awesome! They had great success together because they worked so hard. The sisters bought them all matching scarfs before Sister Harman went home and Elder Spencer was transferred
pics 005-3
Sister Packer and The Book of Mormon in German of course!
pics 006-2
Halloween treats from Grandma
pics 012-2
I love being a missionary and I LOVE GERMANY!
pics 014-2
Sister Smith and Sister Packer

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