The Beginning of Oktoberfest 2014 in Munchen, Germany (9/15/14)

This week was just amazing. We got to teach 10 lessons this week. We even taught 5 of those 10 in one day! Life is just crazy. Our investigators are doing super well. They are making progress in their understanding of the gospel and they always know where to turn when they are given something challenging, sad or just hard in their lives. We are counting down days to one baptism and we are so excited for her! She came to us in a time of trouble in her life and she has been turning to God for help. He has worked wonders in her life. She is stronger each day! It is so rewarding to watch her grow.

On another note, we met 2 seperate groups of people from….
YORBA LINDA this week! One woman had gone to Esperanza in the 1980s and knew some of the teachers who were there when I went there! It was madness! The other people watched the parade with us and knew the Dalton family. They said they knew Justin and they took a picture of me lol hopefully they will know who I am.. if not you should tell them lol

Being a missionary is crazy. There are no coincidences, only miracles!

This week has also been crazy in that the worldwide Oktoberfest has begun. There are rides and beer ”tents” they are really more like large buildings and so much food. We get to go eat there after this and are pretty excited about that LOL. There are a lot of drunk people, and that makes it take a while to get from place to place sometimes, but in all actuality it is super safe. It feels good to be a missionary in the middle all of this!

This Sunday we had one hour of church only and it was combined with the first ward. The parade started as the last speaker got up, so he decided to make it quick and then we all ran out to watch the parade together and it was so much fun! You will see in the pictures, but it was super cool!

We also got to work with a lot of less actives this past week and they all have pretty awesome stories, testimonies and families. I just love being a missionary. Helping people is the best.

Speaking of helping, this week we got to do service in a Refugee home. Refugees from all over come here for shelter and asylum. We had the job of giving them their allowed shoes, toiletries and kids got donated toys. We were able to give out a lot of things to these poor people and it was sometimes sad to give a huge family a way smaller amount of body wash or shampoo (one or the other) than I even use in a week, but I am just grateful we are able to help in some way.
Sister Harman is still awesome.

We are really happy to be here!

Sister Smith


Parade 054 Parade 005 Parade 001 Parade 010 Parade 020 Parade 051 Parade 054-2 Parade 055 Parade 052

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