Oktoberfest continues….so does the marvelous work! I love being a missionary!

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This week has been crazy and great, like every week on a mission! I got to do loads of service yesterday, helping the institute and seminary classes here kick off. We washed dishes for a LONG time and then cooked loads of pasta. The kids really seemed to enjoy it and the people in charge were SUPER grateful. Our mission president saw us at the end of his church service and said great job and then he came back and we were still working, washing more dishes. They were impressed by our work and found it funny that we were in the same position as the last time they saw us- lol- I love to serve!

We got to meet an amazing new convert this week, Ada, who used to be a supermodel here in Europe and is now an amazing cook! She has a cookbook and she made us lasagna with a kick of spiciness and it was SO DELICIOUS. She is super funny, smart and cool! We are so lucky that we get to teach the coolest people here in good, old Deutschland 🙂

We got to share a great message this week of how the gospel is here to bring families together and how what we share is meant only to strengthen familes. We taught another new convert and her family about it, and they are a super strong family!

Then, we got to go to our investigator, Natalie, the young woman’s, birthday party and meet her family. They are of another faith and were worried about how she might distance herself from her family when she is baptised. We were able to share with their family that no matter what faith, political view, or even decisions our family chooses, we are still family and family comes first. It is simply that when we are able to connect family and faith that we are strengthened. This does not excuse or encourage poor decisions, but it simply means that the bond of family that is centered on love does not falter as one member of a family strengthens their faith. Families can be forever, they can be strong, they can be eternally happy. This is our message.

We also got to teach Sebastian, the teenager, and he is super great and is making stellar progress in the gospel!

Another part of our work is teaching less actives. We met with one less active this week named Barbara, who works for Conde Nast(the company that Vogue and Glamour belong to and fashion magazines ect.) and is a beautiful woman! She has one adorable daughter and we were able to teach them about general conference and what it offers for us while assembling Frozen puzzles. I swear that film has taken over the world. They came to church and had a great time!! Their family was really able to feel the love from the ward, us and more importantly, from God.

Oktoberfest is still raging on here in the city, we can only tell becuase of the way crowded U-Bahns and the distant music when we are at church, but Munich does a very good job of keeping the city safe.

Being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints is such a blessing! I LOVE being a missionary and sharing the gospel with the amazing people here in munchen! My companions is awesome, I love her too! I am blessed beyond words!

There is an awesome mormon message out this past week about the good you do, and especially about mothers. We watched this video in releif society this week and it touched everyone. Everyone should watch it! It’s just like a warm hug to put a smile on your face as you all carry on, strong women and men, and do all the good that you do in a typical day, the good that (even if you don’t realize it) has a great effect on the world!

Click here to watch the Video!!

Sister Smith

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