Happiness is a choice! (out of order cause mom didn’t post this right last week!)

The Fall is so beautiful here!
The Fall is so beautiful here!

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Here’s something I have learned this week: happiness is a choice. People tell me that it is hard to serve a mission in Germany. False. People tell me that it is si depressing and hard to white wash. False. People say it is SO hard to work in a dritt. False. I am very happy. Everytime I even start to feel sad or anything I am reminded of why I am here and reminded of the great feeling I have that I am exactly where I am meant to be with the people I am meant to be with doing exactly what I am meant to do! I love it and I know that being happy is a choice. We can ask the Lord for help and truly give an effort to be happy and I promise we can then be happy. Living the gospel enables us to have a thick layer of happiness amidst all our trials. Even when times get tough, we have this light that shines through in our lives and enables us to be happy dispite our circumstances. We have truth, we have hope, we have everlasting love and it comes from Christ. He helps us reach our full potentials in life, simply BE happy and love life. I am so fortunate to be a missionary. It is the best life training a person could ask for!

Also, General conferece was amazing. I really learned the importance of looking inward and focusing on righteous priorities. I encourage everyone to check it out and see what our church is all about. There is one address in particular that talks about why we love sharing our message so much, by David A Bednar. Check it out!

This week, we worked with lots of less actives and a lot of them came to church! We baked a load of Brezels (german pretzels) and Weiß Wurst (Bavarian Sausages) for YSAs from BYUI. We are talking like 100 plus pretzels and 70 sausages. It was so much fun and really a miracle that we were able to work with our missionaries and get it all done on time! Also, they were delicious. We met with Sebastian a ton this week and he is making great progress. He is such a cool kid! Natalie will be preparing for baptism and had a great time at all 3 hours of church.

Fall is beauiful, wunderschön, and I am so happy I get to experience it! It is not too cold yet and the leaves are falling in ALL the colors! We also got to play soccer this week with tons of members, missionaries and Sebastian. WE are meeting tons of cool people every day, serving others and of course serving God! I love my companions so much! I challenge you all to be happy. You can do it, no matter what!

Sister Smith

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