Great times in Munchen, Germany. I love my mission!

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My two AWESOME companions, Sister Harman and Sister Packer. I LOVE them!
Making pretzels for the Activity!
Making pretzels for the Activity!

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My apartment and beautiful view off our balcony
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The lovely Sister Harman in front of our apartment
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Reunited with my MTC companion Sister Angeloudis. I Was so excited to see her! She’s awesome!
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Our lunch on the go! Always work to be done!

This week was truly beautiful. This week we had a tausch, Sister Motto came to München 3, we went to a funeral, and we met a Polish guy on a U-Bahn who came to church! Last Monday we just hung out and then taught Johanna, a less active, who made us a traditional Equadiorian (no idea how you would say that) dish. It was a ”tortilla” whis is really just an egg mixture with tuna, a special kind of bean and rice, onions and cheese. It sounds strange but it was SO GOOD. This poor woman is so tired. She just had a baby, is desperately searching for another apartment and works ALL the time. We are trying to help her, but she is so independent, that she denies our help. We brought her American chocolate chip cookies and she loved them.
Tuesday, we had district meeting and our weekly burritos. The guy who sells the burritos is called Levi and he is going back to Hawaii in two weeks. He is way cool. He used to be a bike tourguide so he wanted to take us on a tour but we have no time! We also got to meet with a less active member named Heidi whose husband does not allow her to go to church. She is really torn up about it, but is committed to her family, so will not split them up. It is so sad to see restrictions like that. It just makes clear to me how important marriage is and how huge of a decision it is. We will teach her and her children short lessons every once in a while so that they can still learn her religion while not upsetting the father. It is really sad!
Natalie had her baptismal interview this week. President Kohler conducted the interview and was super excited for her. He said she was the most prepared investigator for baptism he’d seen in a long time. It was super cool to have the affirmation that she is ready to make a covenent with God. Natalie is super excited to be baptised. She has told her family about it and emailed the ward. Our ward is making food for her and our bishop is way excited! It will be a wonderful event.

We didn’t get to teach Sebastian this week because his phone was broken! He has been going through a really rough time. He quit his internship, which was paid, because the circumstances were really rough and he was sad because things seemed to not be going so well for him. Still, he showed up for church and we were able to talk to him and set up another time to teach him this week. He is super cool! He sang in our ward choir for practice this week! He is obsessed with Starbucks and has bought us frappuccinos twice from there (double chocolate chip kind!) haha

Then we met a really cool Polish guy on a bahn this week. We asked him what kind of music he was listening to and he responded in Enlgish, so we talked and he asked what kind of church we were in so we told him about it and when it was. He asked if we sang at church and we said yeah. Then he left… and actually came to the whole of church the next day! His name is Roman and he is way cool.

Our tausch was also very cool. We started it off by going to the funeral of an 11-year old boy named Simon Auras. He was a twin and died suddenly of a heart problem they did not know he had. It was absolutely tragic. The family was sad to see him depart from this life, but happy because the sure knowledge they have that they will be reunited again someday. The father and brother gave talks and said the whole time how they knew the whole family would be reunited again. He was the happiest, sportiest, coolest little kid and he has a twin. Now he is in heaven just waiting to see them again. They know he is happy and so they are able to move forward, keeping him in their hearts, in happiness. It is such a testiment to me that familes really can be eternal! Then, we tausched and an S bahn strike started, throughout the whole of Germany, so we were really creative with how we got home ( I was taking over the area and got us home realtively quickly) and we taught a guy named Arfang who was really hard to understand and who may or may not have understood us. He speaks french and spanish and a tiny bit of english. He is african. He is really interseted in reading the Book of Mormon. The next day we taught Angie! She is a new convert who is super smart and asks super deep questions. then we went way out to the middle of nowhere to visit a less active member. It was a super beautiful farm that we visited and the family was super nice. We asked a guy for directions and he spoke a crazy dialect that we did not understand (not even the other girls!) but we found it anyways because we were led by the spirit (no map)

Then we tausched back (tausch means exchange). Sister Harman also had a great time, but we missed her! It is fun to learn and grow from other missionaries! On Sunday, our bishop announced the baptism and we got to talk to all the cool members and sing in the choir! Then we made food and had it with JAEs and a new member! I love our ward.

Anyways, that is everything this week (I went into story mode lol)
Love and miss you all!
p.s. the weather here is actually still great it’s sunny right now
best mission in the worldp.p.s. Also, this week we met with Elena’s family (the part member family whos dad doesnt want the kids to be baptised) and the father had been reading the scriptures and praying every day. Their son was beign a typical teenage boy this Sudnay and did not want to go to church and the father talked him into it. He said you will go to church- either you and I go to an orthodox church with no kid classes and no one you know and no help, or you go with your mom to the church you love. It was simply a miracle! Elena almost cried telling the story. The Lord is working miracles in this beautiful family. I love them so much!!

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