She loves serving in Munich, Germany!

My awesome companion!
My awesome companion! they are getting ready for Oktoberfest and setting up huge tents and activities like crazy!
She loves jumping into my pictures!  Sister Harman is the best!
She loves jumping into my pictures! Sister Harman is the best!

I apologize for Brookes blog not being updated for a couple weeks!  That is due to lack of time on my part trying to get my seminary class ready, Cole starting school, along with the fact that she’s sent so many great pictures but I couldn’t get them to upload so I kept giving up–but for now I will post what I have.  Lots of excuses!  But here is her letter from 2 weeks ago and I will make another post with her current letter from this week.  She continues to LOVE her companion, LOVE the people, LOVE the work, and LOVE her life right now!


This week was crazy! The Lord blessed us soooo much. We got to do a lot of crazy things like have two eating appointments (steak dinner with heavy like creamy salads and then huge sausages with more salad, cake and quack- a delicious yoghurt type dessert) withing 1 hour of each other.. How many steaks can you eat??, record a CD, and witness a crazy amount of miracles, like always. The one investigator we are teaching who comes from a Jewish family picked a baptismal date- in October! 😀 – and

This week we got a new investigator.

He is a young adult and is not very religious. His girlfriend had hidden that she was a member for a while and then finally told him and said that he didnt have to keep going out with her now that he knew she was a memeber of our church. His friends all told him to dump her that our religion was crazy, but he decided that he loved her and he just wanted to start making a decision by figuring out what this religion was anyways. So, he looked up everything he could, restlessly. He works at a hotel, night shifts, so he has very little time. He watched some really incorrect documentaries and also found and just took everything in. He decided that wasn’t enough so he wandered around 4 stores asking for a Book of Mormon. He couldn’t find one. Then he got an extra night off, that he shouldn’t have had off but thanks to the Lord he did, and was ”somehow” in the area of our church. He remembered that and decided to check it out. He wandered over to it and waited outside the doors. He waited for 5 minutes, lights off and no one was there, and should have left but had a feeling he needed to stay. Then one of our young adults who has converted from Catholicism, the religion that he had been raised in but since fallen away from. Not five minutes later, we showed up.

We had been hustling from a member’s house to make it to the church in time to do German studies before our Ward meeting. We rush to the door to find them standing there. Then we were able to talk to him, learn about his background and give him a church tour. He was very polite, interested and serious about what we shared. He was actually like ”wow you are actually really normal and this is all actually normal” and I think that is very true, but funny that he had said that after all he had seen. The truth is we are just normal people working with God to be better.

Anyways, after the church tour we invited him to take the lessons and he hesitated because he usually has about 0 time to do anything in life let alone meet up with us and learn what we beleive. The Young adult that was there asked him if he had time right then to listen and he was very excited to say YES!! Right then an AWESOME young adult who is a return missionary and was atheist before he joined the church came and asked if he could talk and teach with us. YES. ‘These two young adults together had his exact background. So we taught him about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today 😀 and he was very interested. It was super spiritual and we could all feel the beauty of the Lord’s miracles working!! We finally got him that Book of Mormon, free of charge of course, and he left with our phone number and finally some correct information.
We immediately ran upstairs, thinking we were super late to our ward meeting only to find the bishop and Elder’s quorom president on a call and it was a PRIESTHOOD meeting! Had we thought we didn’t need to be there for our ward meeting, we would have gone home. CRAZY AWESOME!

BUT we didn’t get his phone number.. which usually means that they will forget you ever met. HAHA the Lord doesn’t quite work that way, though. He is amazing! He called us back last night and will meet with us this week. We now have his number, will see him at church and the Lord will take care of him!! Ahh

That same night, right after we met our new friend, S, I had an awesome finding experience. I met a girl who had been really lost in her faith until she found She had tried going to a ward in a small town before she moved here and she was really well educated and really excited to have a Book of Mormon. She was amazing!! again, I wasn’t able to get her number but now she knows our name and has the book! Missionary work is the best!  I am so blessed to be here!

Sister Smith


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