I’m in Deutschland! (Aug. 4, 2014)

Brooke did not have time to send many emails or write specifically for her blog so here is some of the letter she sent Eric and I.  We are so blessed to have such an amazing daughter who is serving the Lord and happier than ever!  We feel so blessed!  BROOKE’S email is brooke.smith@myldsmail.net
I have cut and pasted some stuff so I hope it makes sense!  (from her mom, Stacey)
Mom and Dad!  Love you!
Travels were good, we had some funny hiccups but it all went really well. I love my new companion she is awesome. Her name is Sister Harman and she is really good! We are taking on this area from scratch, and it is really fun.  They were WAY nice to us and super excited to have us here. We have about 4 eating appointments this week and have at least 3 new investigators which is awesome. My companion told everyone its my birthday and all the elders called and wished me a happy birthday and are super nice. The mission presidents wife also called it was great! The Relief Society president just actually called and the whole family sang Happy Birthday to me SO CUTE. Our ward mission leader and his family are all very American and speak English all the time. It´s nice. Also a lot of people only speak English in the town or they are mainly English speaking.
 The church building we go to is close to where the worldwide Oktoberfest is held each year. We will be here for that and it is already being set up for September. There is loads of history, hiking, a castle and cool things to do here in Munich. Mondays are our days off where we get to prepare for the rest of the week with relaxing, cleaning and emailing and seeing the area we are in. Today we are shopping a tiny bit and seeing a chocolate factory here because it is SO GOOD HERE!! 
No missionary in our ward is from Utah lol We have one from Colorado, my companion, one Elder from Oregon and we have one elder in our ward from Romania and he speaks perfect English. A lot of people from Everywhere are here. The less active lady we visited is from Latvia and she showed us wedding pictures of her son and his new wife who still live there and she was super lonely but we made her day and then she CAME TO CHURCH WOOHOO!!! She made more friends and it was awesome. We see miracles everyday. 
Sister Harman and I started really getting things going and everything we study, everything we say, everything we prepare is inspired. It fits perfectly with what the less actives we visit need to hear, the people on the subways are interested in, and what people in the ward have been praying for in the new sisters. I still cant believe I live in Germany- Deutschland. 
We also had a new investigator show up to Church on Sunday and ask to be taught. A member called me over and BY MYSELF in GERMAN I talked to him and the 20-something girl and set up an appointment. She is from a half Jewish family who used to take the discussions but have recently been going back to Judaism. She felt like our church was right and decided she needed to come to church. She is amazing. This girl really felt the spirit. We will be teaching her Wednesday after institute! 
We now have 11 potentials, 3 investigators, 1 progressing less active who came to church with us and a few meal appointments this week! YAY. Life is good. 
She is WAYYYY Young like in her 30s or 20s by the way! Its cool! 
There are also millions to teach here in Munich. We ride the subways all the time and we have a card from the church for that. It is way fun and we really get around fast. THIS CITY is so clean. 
I should have more pictures next week and will try and set up a dropbox account so they can send better.. sister harman said she´d help me. She is a force and I am so grateful for that. She is really powering through her last while here and does not want to leave. She is awesome. 
Her blog is called There and back again you should search for it. All the MTC girls have a group email and everyone is so nice and also so many bday wishes I cant even express how thankful I am 😀
It´s been a way hectic week so I might be sending you fragmented emails but I´m just trying to keep you updated. I know it´s a ton to ask but if you could take like a paragraph or two from this and make a blog post that would be great. 
 Our MTC president said theyd really miss us and wished they were our mission president because we would have set it on fire with him lol hes great
the mission president came up to me personally on Sunday and shook my hand and asked me how I was doing. We are in the same building, same time as them every Sunday. Our blocks are just different. Everyone says my German is amazing. I have the gift of tongues. Its really cool! our elders said we must be the best missionaries in the whole mission to be assigned here and everyone is super nice and just always complementing my missionary stuff lol like how courageous I am or something lol idk 
I have been blessed with peace. I feel so much peace all the time! I am so happy!
I do miss all of my MTC friends, they are so amazing, but this new chapter is pretty awesome too… Everyone is cool!! 
My trainer is incredible! 
I had a Donner for the first time today and it is reallly good. A lot of the stuff, like meat and ect that isnt the best in America is really good here.
A Donner is originally Turkish, but has been adopted by this area and they make it a little diff everywhere, like a street food usually and it has meat,lettuce and sauce in it with onions and a flat, crispy hamburger bun and some yogurt sauce stuff. It´s really yummy! 
Sister Angeloudis is in Stuttgart, Germany. 
Sister Brooke Smith 
Francestrasse 6 
Munich, Deutschland 
I don´t know the area code but if you put that into google maps, you should be able to find it and then you could see my apartment lol 
It´s super nice and big and we have it clean! Its going to be super fun. 
As always share everything I might have forgotten things between emails and want everyone to know how great the work is in the BEST MISSION IN THE WORLD lol 
Love and miss you so much!!
Also If you get a chance, send me pictures of family and etc! LOVE YOU!!! 

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