July 16

We decided to have a Christmas in July Day!
We decided to have a Christmas in July Day!

The sisters in my distrikt put on a Christmas in July this week! haha- It was so fun. We decorated the room like crazy, sang and listened to hymns all day, carolled to other distrikts and gave each other our favorite treats from the store. We also wrote notes. It was a surprise to the Elders and they loved it and were so grateful- it’s nice to brighten their day. When we carolled to the distrikt next to ours- the only other 6-week distrikt here- they laughed and shut the door on us, but we came back and finally the third time they let us finish- haha everyone was laughing so hard. This MTC is a good time. I love how small it is, everyone knows everyone and all the lessons are extremely personal. We even sang Silent Night in German the night before- it’s a really strict tradition in Germany to only sing that on Christmas Eve- and the Elders didn’t catch on.. I think one even said, ”I wish it was Christmas tommorow.” I love surprising people!

One of our teachers who went to our mission told us about rolling Rs in our mission- you have to do it with the back of your throat. That was a bad decision on his part because the whole rest of the day we all sounded like some kind of beast trying to growl. It was pretty funny- one Elder, Elder Howarth, was so obsessed with it he caried on ryin to roll his Rs in the back of his throat all week. Rolling Rs in the back of your throat is not like the Spanish way and it is different to scraping your throat- it’s similar to some bird calls. It’s difficult unless you already have that talent. We are told we will pick up so much more in the field. Everyone doubts themselves because it’s really hard to learn German in 6 weeks! Still, we are always reminding each other of how much we have already accoplished- teaching 2 lessons a day in German and holding converstaions, bearing our testimonies and giving talks in German. Our teacher says we are excelling the norm! That’s a releif because we really work hard- it’s nice to hear it pays off!

He also told us about the food we will be eating- some of it is scary stuff. One is congealed big’s blood with fat- like a blood sausage- but still a lile moist and spread over bread… like blood fat on bread. Another is a meat that is liquidized, stirred and baked into a loaf. After baked, it has a consistency similar to jello…We were all very apprehensive after that. We will survive, though and it will be lovely! He also showed us all the amazing hikes and landscapes we can see on P-Days! That was exciting!

I’m having a lovely time, learning loads about teachig and the Gospel and GERMAN and I love this work so, so much.

Love, Sister Smith

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